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Single Family House-Alki Townhomes Residence by Johnston Architects

single family house-alki townhomes residence by johnston architects

Story from the architects : “Located a half block from the beach boardwalk, these two townhouses are designed to participate in the vibrant spirit of the Alki neighborhood in Seattle. Glass facades maximize views and invite a dialogue with the neighborhood.
The two units range from 1,800 to 2,100 SF. Each is three-bedroom with two master suites, and is equipped with a two-car garage. To the north, south and west, the rooftop decks capture views of the Puget Sound, Seattle cityscape and the beach community below. With spacious living spaces and quality finishes such as glulam beam framing, bamboo floor and fir cabinetry, the Alki Townhouses are both beautiful and practical.”

single family house-alki townhomes residence by johnston architects
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Minimalist Beach House Design at Cohasset Beach by Johnston Architects

minimalist beach house design at cohasset beach  by johnston architects

From the architects “Cohasset Beach is a 63 home coastal “village” in the City of Westport along the central Washington coast. Great attention was placed in designing 10 prototype homes with expansive windows to celebrate the coastal views and dramatic light. Great rooms, master suites and master baths open out to views of the ocean. A rich coastal palette of natural materials of light limestone and bamboo floors complement the sand and dune grass landscape to enhance the indoor/outdoor experience.”

minimalist beach house design at cohasset beach  by johnston architects
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Miner’s Refuge Residence-Single Family by Johnston Architects

Single Family House Design-Miner's Refuge Residence by Johnston Architects

Story from the architects : “The Miner’s Refuge, intended as a weekend retreat in the beautiful but often harsh terrain of the Methow, was designed with these concerns in mind. The building is carefully sited at the base of the hillside tucked into the tree line to take advantage of and preserve the surrounding views. Its mass is dug into the topography, anchoring the structure to the site. The outdoors is pulled in through dramatic open views. The protected patio and expansive vista of meadow and mountain are incorporated as major components of the design……The visual, physical and conceptual connections to place were the driving force in the design and what makes this project unique. The beautiful landscape and charm of rural eastern Washington is what initially attracted the owners to this area. It is this character that the design for the Minor’s Refuge embraces and aims to protect.”

Terrace Design-Single Family House Design-Miner's Refuge Residence by Johnston Architects
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Residence House Design in Suburbs Cincinnati by Terry Boling Architects

Wyoming Residence House by Terry Boling Architecture

From the architects “This project involves the transformation of an existing 1940s era bungalow in the suburbs of Cincinnati. The first phase consists of a new bedroom and bath accupying the former gabled roof space. The addition is connected th the main floor by a new light-well and stair to provide vertical circulation and light into the core of the existing house. Phase two is a ground floor addition containing Living, Dining, Kitchen, and support spaces. All work was desined by the architect and constructed by the architect with teams comprised of architecture students. The concrete foundation and structural frame for the ground floor addition was subcontracted, along wiyh rough plumbing, HVAC, and rough electrical.”

Wyoming Residence House by Terry Boling Architecture
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Dolomites House by JM (Jacopo Mascheroni) Architects

This house is located in Campo Tures, Bolzano Italy and was designed by Jacopo Mascheroni Architects. From the architecs “The idea of remodelling this house in the Dolomite mountains at the border between Italy and Austria started because of an uncomfortable living situation. The existing building presented a very large and high entry hall with the rooms arranged aroung it, and it was always necessary to walk through it to move around the house. On the ground floor, the kitchen. dining room, licing room and the stube were not proportioned to the size of the house and they couldn’t get enough light. For this reason the entire ground floor has been demolished, and a new interior clear glass envelope with a gyp wall inserted is now the only separation among the different spaces. Few new volumes have been added around the house to extend the entry hall and the oversized family room, which include dining, relax and study area. To allow maximum amount of light into the rooms, the facades have been replaced by a custom designed structural silicon curtain hall, with base and head mullions flush with the floor and ceiling, and large popout sliding doors to create interaction between indoor and outdoor. Because of the very low temperatures of the winter, the heating solution is the combination of radiant floor heating, perimeter floor radiators along the curtain wall, a gas see through the outside fireplace and a wood one.” For further detail visit Dolomites House by JM Architects.

Dolomites House by JM Architects

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Apartment Interior Design in Fifth Avenue by Ricard Meier Architects

This apartment located in New York and was desingned by Ricard Meier Architects. From the architects “A set louvered wood and glass door panels enclose the elevator vestibule and mark the threshold of the aparment. The spatial layering provides a sense of privacy to the interior while allowing natural light to pentrate to the core. Immediately trough the door is a grand open space which extends the lenght of the tower along Fifth Avenue, and is unified by an elegant wood bookcase that exhibits an extraordinary collection of art objects. What had been a compartment of 3 individual rooms has been transformed into an espansive, flowing space that contains living area, less formal seating area with a retractable television, and a dining area adjacent to the open kitchen. Expansive plaster walls flanking the long sides of the space allow for the display of art and frame panoramic views of the park.”

Apartment Interior Design
Apartment Interior Design
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Beach House in Jupiter Island by Scott Hughes Architects

From the architects “Like driftwood collecting in courses on the beach, the house comfortably nestles in the interstices between waterfront and road along a narrow site on the northern coast of Jupiter Island. Spare in its 3,600 square feet, the house and its materials manifest the surprise of a beachcomber’s serendipitous and precious finds—of worn beach glass, an abandoned marine vessel, or an ephemeral pattern in the sand—and a riff on spontaneity and permanence. Completed in 2004, the house embodies the same complexities and dichotomies that characterize Jupiter Island. At once modern and timeless, the house is both a quaint coastal cottage and a chic isle villa. The cerebral geometries of the house are complemented by the pitched nautical dynamism of a structure perched on piers and railings, ready to set sail at a moment’s notice.”

Beach House in Jupiter Island Florida
Terrace-Beach House in Jupiter Island Florida
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Summer House Design by Saunders Architecture

This house was designed by Saunders Architecture. Principal Architects by Todd Saunders & amp; Tommie Wilhelmsen. Saunders Architecture is located in Berden, Norway. And this the summer house that design by Saunders Architecture, I think this house is very comfortable to spend the summer.

Summer House Design by Saunders Architecture
Summer House Design by Saunders Architecture
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