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Holistic dreamland for psychiatric young patients by Dan Pearlman

Holistic psychiatric dreamland

This is not like that you imagine, this is not like a children playground in general, this is a holistic dreamland for young patients with psychiatric issues at the ‘Evangelisches Konigin Elisabeth Krankenhaus’ Hospital, in Berlin, Germany. Creative agency Dan Pearlman created “Elise Island” in cooperation with the hospital’s psychiatrists and doctors to develop a holistic approach to a new communication and spatial concept.

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The best in home theaters from around the world

Behold, 6 best luxurious home theaters from around the world. Be prepared to set aside extra dollars to have this dream home theaters. Trust me, each is worth it.

1) Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) theater : $6 Million

Built by Jeremy Kipnis, the luxurious home theatre features an 8-foot IMAX-like screen, Sony professional projector, 16 18-inch Snell subs with one couch! Blessed with Sony SRX-S110 Professional Video Projector and other hi-tech merchandise the KSS theatre costs something like $6 million.

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Remodeled 1950s apartment : restructure the kitchen

Designed by Francesc Mitjans in the 1950s and then remodeled by Patrizia Casarini and Monica Colominas of the interior design studio Dalla Polvere, this apartment offers warmth and personality. Designers restructure the kitchen to make more workable, from three areas ( ironing, washing and cooking ), now it consolidated into two, with a main kitchen area plus a home office area.

apartment renovation

Interestingly, the designers still retaining the vintage 1950s details like switches and door handles, antique furniture and collection of contemporary art.

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Eve dressing bedroom furniture from Eden Furniture

Eve dressing bedroom furniture from Eden Furniture is designed to suited the women needed. It’s designed inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden. This sets are consists of the tree and branch like design with those adorable leaves allow for hanging scarves, necklaces and other accessories. Included also the dressing table where under the console’s glass top can serve as the perfect place to display glittery jewels, the table also have storage that will be available when you pull out drawer. These pieces furniture are made of solid oak and Corian.

dressing bedroom furniture

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Essential : Bioethanol fireplace by Alex Sacchetti

Italian designer Alex Sacchetti has sent us the Essential ( Bioethanol fireplace ) that was designed for Brandoni.

Bioethanol fireplace

Description from the designer:

Brandoni ( www.brandoni.com ) presents new products at ISH 2011. The company is Specialized in the production of design radiators, decided to create bioethanol fireplaces. One of the models shown up in preview at Frankfurt is “Essential” drawn by the young designer Alex Sacchetti ( www.alexsacchetti.com ). “Essential” is suitable both for inside that for external environments, looks like an elegant piece of furniture, fine, modern setting and creates the right atmosphere.

Alex Sacchetti website – here.

Bear or …. ?

Whether this was a real bear?

cute bear chair

let us see the truth…

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Flower pots that will make you more care with flowers

Log & Squirrel pot from Qualy Design is designed to always remind you to be diligent in watering the flowers. This pot is comes with a water reservoir that is enough to feed the flower up to three days.

flower pots

It’s interesting, where inside the reservoir there is a funny squirrel which basically indicates if the plant needs more water. When the reservoir is filled the rodent is pushed up and appears from the cave and vice versa.

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NYC Rooftop Gardens : small places full of green plants

Take a look the amazing rooftop gardens in New York City below. A little small places full of green plants, it’s so beautiful, peaceful, we really love these gardens. See more image by visiting Flickr user Jwilly‘s “Rich People Rooftops NYC” – here.

Rooftop Gardens

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