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Plus One for small spaces storage solution

Plus One from Matthias Ries provide unique storage solutions for small room. Made of bent plywood and veneered in walnut or maple, Plus One is a small modern neat container that is provide room for more book or other small accesories. It’s so cute one.

small spaces storage furniture

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Stand Coat Hanger to storage your household items – Yak

Yak by Rupert Kopp is a stand coat hanger that was designed for entryway. Comes with shaped like an easel, this hanger can serve as convenient storage of household items, such as coats, shoes, and sports equipment.

Stand Coat Hanger

Designed for German company Nils Holger Moormann, Yak is made of untreated ash and steel for the seating and hookrail. It have 173 cm tall, 101.5 cm wide and 55 cm deep.

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Flexible arm lamp give functional movement – Paddle Lamp

Paddle lamp was designed inspired by movement of a canoe blade through water, it has many axis of functional movement. The designer, Benjamin Hubert designed this lamp for Italian lighting manufacturer Fabbian.

Flexible arm lamp

With many axis of functional movement, this lamp allows to maximum usability in a variety of working environments. The framework of the lamp is available in either ash timber or texture lacquered aluminum with the paddle head formed from pressed aluminum. Paddle lamp also equipped with high brightness led light source and capacitive touch control.

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Small Apartment Ideas : 40sqm – utilize every part of the room

Small Apartment Ideas

This is a project about how to utilize every part of the 40 sqm apartment room became more functional and more comfortable. Designers removed the hallway and combined a living room with a kitchen and a dining area. Brilliant idea, every corner of the room used as a storage and bookcases. Two large cabinets placement near the entrance is a great solution in the utilization of space and function.

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Crystal Clear: best water purifier by Jinyoung Studio

South Korean designer Choi Jinyoung has designed Crystal Clear, a water purifier with an innovative water purifier that converts discarded water into clean air to allow the user breath fresh and live healthy, for humidity is as important as water to human existence.

best water purifier

It’s easy to use, just turn the leaf-formed faucet, from side to side, to mark the temperature of water with the number and color by a beam. All the user need to do is dispose the extra water on the surface of the purifier which converts it into fresh air to maintain proper temperature and humidity for a healthy life.

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Maintain 180 sqm apartment with cutting-edge home technology

Goes to Stockholm, this 180 sqm apartment was designed by Mats Gustafson, a project of Upgrade Living.

Mats Gustafson give Oriental philosophy taste to this minimalist apartment but maintained with cutting-edge technology, with every aspect being controlled by remote, from air conditioning system to blinds and fireplace.

apartment home technology

Finished in pure white, gives the impression of clean minimalism. Contemporary furniture, large paintings, little philosophy corners such as the subtle but powerful fireplace decorated with rocks are added as elegant feature to the apartment.

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White house ceramic interior in Madrid, Spain

If you are looking for interior design inspiration with the dominance of ceramics, this interior design from Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez is the most perfect examples. The designer have succeeded in designing Ceramic House, precisely convert an attic rooms of a house in Madrid, Spain into a new living space with a variety of spaces. And here what are you looking for – all parts of the interior are covered by ceramic.

White house ceramic

It’s good designs, where transition between the rooms is continuous and lets the movement flow freely across the numerous levels. The spatial flexibility that transforms this home is an innovative housing concept which adapts itself to the actual necessities and to the new usages.

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Solid wood chair by Formstelle – Morph chair

Designed by Formstelle for Zeitraum-Möbel, this is Morph chair. This chair was created from an unusual combination of materials with solid wood frame.

According to the Zeitraum-Möbel: the chair has positioning of the legs that gives the chair a unique posture, as if it had a support and a free leg. The sculpturally formed sub-frame conveys the interplay between stability and dynamism. Due to its delicate appearance this straightforward chair exudes an air of lightness that requires only a small area.

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