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Reused Springs for Bar-stools

spring bar stools

I like ideas that reuse old items and keep them out of the trash. These old truck springs make great bar-stools and look great in this kitchen

Be Gone Winter Blues – Use Bright Color Accents


Use color in your home design to defeat the winter blues. Use vibrant colored upholstery, curtains, bed covers, pillows and vases. There really should be colors everywhere. Acquire a colorful painting for the residing space to liven it up. Some people even paint walls brighter colors for the winter months. I think that’s a little much but to each their own and if makes you feel better, go for it.

Lack of sunlight and the lack of color in the sky contribute to the “winter blahs.” You can help brighten your mood by using these colors:

  • Red – Red is a very intense color that has been proven to increase blood pressure and raise the heart rate. Introducing a little red in your home design for accents will do wonders for those blues.
  • Yellow – Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. It should be used for accents and not in primary color designs.
  • Green – Green is a cooler color but shades of green can be relaxing and even induce cheerfulness.

Use accents of bright color in your interior design and rid yourself of the winter blues.

I love the red chair in this picture and I think the fireplace helps too!

Save On Your Energy Bill Through Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system properly maintained helps your home’s heating and cooling system last longer, operate more efficiently and just as importantly to most of us, keeps energy costs lower. There is no substitute for annual maintenance by a professional air conditioning repair service, but, according to Conditioned Air Solutions (www.conditionedairsolutions.com) there are some things that you may be able to do yourself to keep your home’s air conditioner and heater working properly in between regularly scheduled service.

Change Your Air Filters

This is the easiest HVAC maintenance task of all and is one which you can (and should) do yourself. If your air conditioner sees a lot of use in the summer, the filters should be changed at least monthly; in especially hot weather where your AC is running almost constantly, you may want to check the filters even more often.

Clogged air filters force your system to work harder, which can reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner. They also mean higher energy costs, so don’t neglect to check your home heating and cooling system’s filters regularly and change them when necessary.

Clean Your Condenser Unit

Central air conditioner systems which have an outdoor condenser unit need to be cleaned as needed. Opening up the unit to clean the cooling fins may void your warranty – check this beforehand and if this is the case, leave this job to the professionals. However, leaves, dirt and other debris can and should be removed from the exterior of the condenser unit. Like a dirty air filter, a dirty condenser can’t cool your home as efficiently, placing strain on your AC system and resulting in higher energy costs. read more »

HDMI Cables for Home Theater

If you are installing a home theater system than you will probably need to become familiar with cables. Your viewing and listening experience will  be affected by your choice of cables.

HDMI cables deliver the greatest picture and sound quality possible inside of a single cable. Using these cables is ideal if you want to preserve the sound quality when you convert digital to analog.

DVI cables feature somewhat of a new type of connection that provides superior visual quality. They make sure the video signal stays safely in its digital form, which ends up providing a really great picture quality. There are no universal standards at the moment for DVI cables since it’s still in development.

Component video cables  are the best non-digital choices for high-def video. While they appear almost the same as composite cables, their signal quality is better. Component video cables divide the video signal into 3 cables, thereby optimizing the sharpness and the clarity of said image. read more »

Fall Colors

In a California beach house, designer Chad Eisner used an orange and beige palette to create a cozy bungalow feeling. The dining area has a banquette covered For more information click here

Other Marketing Ideas.

Texting While Driving

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with interior design but it happens to be something I feel very strongly about. I see people every day that are about to kill themselves or someone else because they are driving down the road texting. They swerve from lane to lane while carrying on a mundane conversation that could wait till later.

Driving while texting is worse than driving while intoxicated. Well, it’s not worse I just see a lot more of it going on. While I see an occasional drunk driver late at night I see swerving caused by texting at all hours of the day. I see a texting driver at least every other day. Sending or receiving a text message takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. That is like driving the length of a football field blindfolded at highway speeds.

According to a newsletter published by The Ryder Law Firm one out of every five drivers sends or receives text messages while driving.

An estimated one out of every five drivers sends or receives text messages while operating a motor vehicle on a public highway. Many of these individuals are young or inexperienced drivers, who do not understand or appreciate the significant, adverse effect this has on their ability to safely operate an automobile.

Don’t text and drive! If you cause an accident or get hurt in an accident you won’t be enjoying any fine interior design.

Garage Space for Motorcycles and Helmets

I spend a lot of time researching and writing about the outside of a home and beautiful interiors. What I rarely, don’t know if I’ve ever, talked about is garage space. The attached picture is what I want my garage to look like. I have a long way to go.

As I’m passionate about my motorcycles I need special storage space for three bikes, racing gear, and helmets. I’m building a great custom rack for the ten helmets I currently have. Yes, I’m kind of crazy about it and collect the things. BTW-I love my newest Shoei Helmets I bought online. I use my bikes a bit more seriously than most and use them for intense racing. I love my bikes and my riding clothes. My very nice racing gear needs special storage space and my tools need a home too.

I just thought this looked like an elegant solution to my needs and thought some of you might get some ideas from my searching.

I’ll try to remember to post a picture when the space is done.


Time for Outdoor Living

I love the summer. It’s such a great time to make your outdoor living space inviting and beautiful. I spent the last two weeks working on a project to make my outdoor living space much more pleasant. I improved the deck, painted the furniture, added a lot of new plants and lighting. It’s now my favorite “room” in the house.