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Loved the Sailbooat

modern house sailboat1 Loved the Sailbooat

Found this great post with a beautiful contemporary home and sailboat in the foreground. “The owners of this luxury waterfront home were looking for a modern building design that suit canal water front living. They also wanted the house design to give the appearance of a two story home but without the price. ” I use it here as another example of beautiful design complementing the natural surroundings. Later we’ll try to take a closer look at interior designs that complement the exterior.

Black is Back

Black bedroom furniture Black is Back
Maybe it never went away in the first place. Black is easy to work with and it’s always stylish.

The color of your furniture may be important to you but always remember in the bedroom comfort and ease is what counts. It is really a specific and personal thing. Home furniture design can actually produce a positive change in just how roomy a place appears and also exactly precisely how it actually does indeed function. And the color black plays right in to that space saving scheme.
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Applying Purple and Art Deco for Calming Environment

Purple and Art Deco Interior 1 Applying Purple and Art Deco for Calming Environment

If you love purple, then you better not to skip these pictures. These are the best sample of how dominant purple is possible for your interior. Many might think that purple is not the right color for walls or to take dominancy at the overall interior, but they’re wrong. Take a look at these pictures we collected and you’ll agree with us about how even such rare color of purple can be a good attraction to the interior when it placed properly and surely designed with high art sense. And also for you whom are considering to combine your favorite purple with art deco, these are the best sample for you. read more »

Small Sofa Offer Extra Comfort

Jamirang Sofas 1 Small Sofa Offer Extra Comfort

Only comfort is imagined when I saw this small sofa. Flow from top to end of the sofa, very precise shapes obeying our backs, bend on it, and sighed for a moment forget about the problem. This sofa is a source of inspiration to bring our bodies into the most comfortable situation, calm and relaxed. Designed by Bora Kim, Jamirang Sofa comes in two types, each distinguished by the legs shape, color and line on the sofa. read more »

Handmade Lamps from Spain Called Sponge Outdoor Lamp

Sponge Outdoor Lamp 1 Handmade Lamps from Spain Called Sponge Outdoor Lamp

This exotic outdoor lamps is designed by designer Miguel Angel García Belmonte and made in Spain. Called “Sponge Lamp”, the basic shape of this lamp at a glance looks like sponges that we usually find in the river surface. At night, these lights look like a moon falling from the sky. And at noon, this lamp is a part of the garden. read more »

Soft Blue Unique Bookshelf by Decorkuznetsov Studio

Ushanki Shelf Lamp 1 Soft Blue Unique Bookshelf by Decorkuznetsov Studio

They come with a unique shape, you will not think that this is a bookshelf. Soft blue color with four oval-shaped legs with a space in the middle like an open mouth, this space is the place where you can save the book. In another corner, a bookshelf is combined with lights as illumination. consists of three different sizes (shelf-dad, mom-shelf, and shelf-son), this unique bookshelf is a work of Decorkuznetsov Studio and named Ushanki Shelf-Lamp. read more »

Classic Interior with Black and White Excellent Combination

Black White Interior Decor by Yulian Chaplinsky 1 Classic Interior with Black and White Excellent Combination

You can lighten up a house with two basic colors, black and white. That is what exactly these pictures are trying to tell you. With the right combination of black and white colors, the sky is the limit to create such a comfortable space to live. Take a look at those furniture and wallpapers. These are blended nicely in the atmosphere of black and white. That creates an astonishing look to the overall home area spaces and at the same time also keeping everything as stylish as possible. Who said that creating a stylish area requires you to have colorful paints? Now you have these pictures as the proof. read more »

Eco Working Space in Koza Holding Headquarter

Koza Holiding Headquarter by Craft312 1 Eco Working Space in Koza Holding Headquarter

One of the Craft312 Studio project that we can make as inspiration is the Koza Holding Headquarter. This office is having 6000m2 functional space with 300 workers. The office is separated in three spaces: entrance and information service area, offices and inner garden and refectory and design studios. We can also find 200m building that act as a horizontal skyscraper. The building is made by peeling the walls off and makes the columns for new functional space. When we enter the entrance, we will find a sense of luxury. Another atmosphere that we can find on the entrance is prestige. The use of wooden and granite panel is building such a prestigious atmosphere. The materials are applied and designed in the smart modern way with linear design. A continuity is also brought form the entrance to the other room, so it will give a comfortable design circulation.
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