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Classic Interior with Black and White Excellent Combination

You can lighten up a house with two basic colors, black and white. That is what exactly these pictures are trying to tell you. With the right combination of black and white colors, the sky is the limit to create such a comfortable space to live. Take a look at those furniture and wallpapers. These are blended nicely in the atmosphere of black and white. That creates an astonishing look to the overall home area spaces and at the same time also keeping everything as stylish as possible. Who said that creating a stylish area requires you to have colorful paints? Now you have these pictures as the proof. read more »

Eco Working Space in Koza Holding Headquarter

One of the Craft312 Studio project that we can make as inspiration is the Koza Holding Headquarter. This office is having 6000m2 functional space with 300 workers. The office is separated in three spaces: entrance and information service area, offices and inner garden and refectory and design studios. We can also find 200m building that act as a horizontal skyscraper. The building is made by peeling the walls off and makes the columns for new functional space. When we enter the entrance, we will find a sense of luxury. Another atmosphere that we can find on the entrance is prestige. The use of wooden and granite panel is building such a prestigious atmosphere. The materials are applied and designed in the smart modern way with linear design. A continuity is also brought form the entrance to the other room, so it will give a comfortable design circulation.
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Make Your Wall Interesting to See Using Shellframe

Do not let the wall of your house is empty without any interesting displays. Also, do let the walls of your house with the displays not neatly arranged. Alternatively, probably now you are confused what you should do on your walls but the wall was full of the displays. We have a solution for you who love to elongate your favorite items on the wall.

We have furniture that is made by an expert of furniture. This is shell frame. This shell frame shape with different sizes. This shell frame has the same function that is for storing a display, which consists of small things. This shell frame is made of silicon pads that make the shell frame is able to withstand a little bit heavy loads such as urns for the palm of your hand. Here, you can store interesting of small items neatly. So people who visit your home will admire the way you design your home interior.

Another advantage is you can save space on the walls of your home. There will be no more nails that make hole on your walls. The color of shell frame can be combined with the color of your wall. So you do not need to worry should match the color of the shell frames and walls of your home. If you want to clean it, the thing that you need is damp cloth. First, you get rid of the furniture stored in the shell frame. Then you take the shell frame and then clean it with the damp cloth. Even if you move to another place, the shell frame can be taken easily. Besides that, the shell frame is affordable to buy. Your home will be beautiful to see and you do not need to pay a lot of money for making it.
Shellframe by Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad via: dailydesignjoint

Swedish-style interior design apartment – images

swedish interior design

This Swedish Apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. Truly Swedish-style interior design.

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Enjoy dinner at Alice in Wonderland Restaurant – images

tokyo restaurant

These Alice in Wonderland Restaurant located in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

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Comfort behind the iron frame


Provide comfort between a strong iron frame, maybe that was the description of this seating. Designed by Emanuele Magini for Campeggi, Siesta seating could be the right choice for the patio or your backyard garden.


Three-story house with large glass windows in Tel Aviv, Israel

This three-story house was built with large glass windows that allow natural light into the house throughout the day. This modern house was designed with three floors, the ground floor functioned as a living room and children bedroom, the next floor as master bedroom and living space, and the basement as a recreation room for the whole family.

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Smart apartment designs to get more spacious room

Smart apartment designs

This is an idea about how to maximize the function of room at the apartment with 25 square meter area. The concept is to divide the room into two zones so that it lacked of natural light and looked narrow.

By deconstructed the wall and replaced it to be a displaying rack and it also enables more lights touch the entire apartment. It’s smart way to designing the kitchen, bathroom, storage, and toilet to the back wall, little help to make the room look spacious. Designed by SWAN Architects.

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