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House with garage – see the car in the living room

We believe this is the best idea for a garage of the house, designed by Takuya Tsuchida in Tokyo. It’s brave ideas, it about how the homeowners can always see their favorite car from the living room. – take the car to the living room – yes, the architects uses an elevator to bring the car from the garage to the living room. Amazing.

house with garage

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Define space using glass panels and lighting

This is a technique of how to define a space uses panels of glass and lighting. Designed by Miroshkin Michael and Miroshkina Elen of Geometrix Design, this project is called Fantasy Island with 130 sqm area.

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Green house environment in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beautiful environment, simple but greeny, the house was designed by Andres Remy Architectos. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this modern house reflect the work of modern architecture.

green house environment

Caled Carrara House, it has modern interior, simple colors and bright accents – red and green and also has a pond inside the house with the plants near it.

For outdoor, this house has one side of the house that is hidden from the neighbors’ eyes but from the other side it’s opened to the garden.

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Spring pierced furniture from Esedra

Bring peacefulness of spring, fresh, dressed in luxury leather, or bare in the simple metal sheet, this is Spring pierced furniture collection from Esedra. The Spring pierced collection is consists of armchairs, tables and poufs that are either fretworked and chromed or lacquered, or upholstered in 1 or 2 colors.

Spring furniture

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Easy to make chicken coop with portable chicken coop kits

Still remember with chicken coop design below:

modern chicken coop
that is The Nogg, a modern chicken coop for 2-4 chicken. Click here if you’ve forgotten.

And now we found a portable chicken coop kits from Chicken Cribs. Designed by Andreas Stavropoulos, these chicken coop is made of marine grade plywood, with plastic roof and steel hardware, and has a roost area for two-three chickens. It also has several egg doors for easy access and handles on both sides for easy transportation. The kit can be assembled in 30 minutes with only a screwdriver.

portable chicken coop

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Best kitchen design is now comes in simply colors

The kitchen below is designed by blending country style with contemporary design. Salvarini, the kitchen design firm use lacquered doors and hardware in warm white. Strong impression, brings the power of design in simply colors.

Perfect custom lighting, horizontal lines style, make this kitchen is suitable for both small and large spaces.

best kitchen design

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Bookshape by Davide Radaelli

Another creative design from Italian designer Davide Radaelli, many thanks for the amazing images. Here are Bookshape by Davide Radaelli for GSPOT.


Description from the designer:
Bookshape is a book-containing-object (its dimensions are 60x60x12 cm) where the spaces for storing the books look like the casts of an unpredictable series of books.

Bookshape consists of a series of acrylic layers. The inner ones are white opal and the exterior ones are transparent and colored.

All of these layers are laser-cut in order to get a bookcase whose shape is defined by the books, because the original idea was that the content had to give shape to its container.

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Orol-ogio clock by Davide Radaelli

Italian designer Davide Radaelli has sent us images of Orol-ogio clock that was designed for GSPOT.

creative clock

Description from the designer:
Orol-ogio is a surprising clock made of taut plant cardboard, designed by the italian designer Davide Radaelli, to be kept in the corners of your house or office.

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