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Bathroom ideas for your inspiration

Below are some bathroom design ideas from Porcelanosa. You will see the bathroom ideas that featured a glossy tiles and mosaic pattern, ceramic tiles also natural marble. That combination makes the bathroom look cool, stylish and elegant. Take a look and do not miss every detail corner of the bathroom.

bathroom design ideas

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Say with furniture?

Express something with furniture may be feel a little bit strange, but I’m sure this will become something great. For that, designer Tabisso has created the Communicative Furniture with shape in any letters from A to Z and any numbers from 0 to 9. The furniture includes chairs, lamps, and other types of furniture. So, whatever you want to express, Communicative Furniture can help you.


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Patio furniture lounger – Double fit for two

patio furniture lounger

Inspired by the rollercoaster, designer Victor M. Aleman has designed Double Patio Lounger.

This patio furniture lounger is designed to fit for two, any activity you both, will feel more comfortable with this patio lounger.

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Minimalist apartment ideas from Christopher Coleman

Modern minimalist still be attractive options for the apartments design. Like the design of the apartment below, the simple clean lines with natural lighting and awesome color combination, this is really simple but looks luxurious and elegant. This apartement is located in Midtown Manhattan. Designed by Christopher Coleman.

apartment ideas

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Blandito Soft Pad for playground area

Blandito from Oradaria Design is soft pad with innovative design that allows you to maximize the function. What you need, a comfy playground area or small sofa, Blandito can make it.

soft pad playground area

Blandito is comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. And dont worry, the cover of this kids pad can be removed and is machine washable.

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Best living room design ideas for your inspiration

Check these out 9 3D conceptual living room designs ideas from several leading designers for your inspirations. Each has a traditional style to show the strength of the classic interior design.

Living room design by Hai Tharr

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Outdoor daybed furniture from Skyline : Iglu “Apple”

The great outdoor furniture is now coming up from Skyline, the Iglu “Apple”. The outdoor wicker daybed that is formed with an aluminum frame and woven by craftsmen in synthetic wicker and cane. It’s a luxurious one, big enough for two and stunning to look at.

Outdoor daybed furniture

In addition to a solid framework, included therein a plump scatter cushions. So, it completely ready to pamper you, get serious comfort.

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Modern beach house design for retired couple in Perth, Australia

Located in Perth, Australia, the Salvado Street Residence is a modern beach house that designed as a compact and low maintenance residence for a retired couple. The house designed by Bates Smart Architects.

modern beach house

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