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Greene Street Loft – Interior Design by SLADE Architects in New York

Greene Street Loft house located in New York City, New York and was designed by SLADE Architects. This some some pict Greene Street Loft house by SLADE Architects.

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Trahan Ranch Residence by Patrick Tighe Architects in Texas


Situated in the heart of Texas hill country this house was designed by Patrick Tighe architects. From the architects “This project is a residential compound situated in the heart of Texas hill country. The 3200 square foot residence is on a fourteen acre sloped site with native oaks, natural springs and unobstructed views. The layout of the house is a direct response to the site conditions. The plan is organized so as to experience the many features of the landscape. A panoramic view that spans 260 degrees is experienced as well as other more site specific orientations. The front of the house is made of heavy materials that rise from the earth. The heavy, solid, grounded front is in sharp contrast to the more ephemeral back. At the down slope side of the house, the structure becomes lighter and opens to the landscape. Steel pipe columns splay at unsuspecting angles dancing the rugged landscape.”

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Minimalist House Design “Twist Cabin Residence” for Single Family by Johnston Architects


Detail from the architects “This small in size but large in spirit cabin sits high on a bench above the Methow River. It is a cube of space that allows expansive views of the valley below, shelter from the sun and protection from deep winter snows. The calm details and simple materials blend with the beautiful and austere environment.”

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Bungalow Renovation “Fairview Residence” in Cincinnati Design by Terry Boling Architects


From the architects “This house is an addition and renovation of an existing bungalow in Fairview Height, near the University of Cincinnati Campus. The prominent feature of the site is a spectacular view of he entire Ohio River Valley from East to West. To capitalize on this condition, a new 2 storey addition was added to the rear of the existing house. The addition maximizes allowable height and area by building above the overhang line of the existing structure. The new construction is clad in shingled, copper panels that will be allowed to patina naturally. New window openings are also framed and clad in copper. The South facade will have an external sun and privacy screen composed of sliding, perforatd copper panels. The enclosed spaces on the first floor are detailed like free standing furniture : The kitchen area is lined in stainless steel and custom cast concrete work surface, while the bathroom is lined with limestone and clad with birdseye maple plywood.”

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Thorp Houses by Pete Bossley Architects

Thorp Houses by Pete Bossley Architects

From the architects “……Each house is approximately 500sqm, stretched along the relatively narrow sites from road to sea. Each has three two storey elements linked by narrow circulation routes. this strategy ensures light and spaciousness infiltrate all spaces within the building and creates intimate light-filled courtyards landscaped with flowing water and sparse planting. A rich variety of spaces exist within the buildings, ranging from double-height living areas open to the sea views, to more internalised lounges nestled into falling land at the more road end of the sites.”. For further detail visit Thorp Houses by Pete Bossley Architects.

Thorp Houses by Pete Bossley Architects
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“Lammermoor House” Luxury House Design by Pete Bossley Architects

Lammermoor House by Pete Bossley Architects

From the architects “A large and busy family required extensive alterations to their 1970’s house which had small dark spaces with unsatisfactory relationships to the existing outdoor areas of swimming pool and tennis court……It wraps around the north of the house to create an intermediary space between the inside and outside of both levels, and also connect the upper and lower levels. The outdoor fireplace is treated as a sculptural element and defines the edge of the exterior room. A new spa pool, retiled swimming pool, terraces and landscaping create a relaxed environment for energetic family life……”

tennis courts Lammermoor House by Pete Bossley Architects
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“Glendowie House” a Luxury House Design by Pete Bossley Architects

Glendowie House by Pete Bossley Architects

Situated on Glendowie between a natural edge created by the steep bush clad cliff that rolls down to Karaka Bay and the sinuous road that the house fronts onto. Story from the architects “Frosted glass provides privacy at the front of the house but still allows western light to penetrate through the building. The shadow of the timber screens frayed edges through the frosted glass provides a beautiful silhouette with the afternoon light. An open riser timber and steel stair winds up through a triple height space from the garage level to the main living level and then on up to another two levels. Your view of the stair is filtered through layers of a stainless steel mesh screen hanging from the ceiling between the stairs and a dark stained timber screen.”

Glendowie House by Pete Bossley Architects
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Okitu Beach House Design by Pete Bossley Architects

Beach house-Okitu House by Pete Bossley Architects

This house located on a ridge above the east coast and has spectacular views from Poverty Bay right around to Tatapouri Point. Story from the architects “This single storey house clings to the ground as it steps down the hill then as it reaches the edge of the ridge it opens out otwards the sea to become a grandstand for viewing. The clients required a house that could accommodate an extended family but on the other hand one that would also feel comfortable if just two of them were home. This resulted in a T-shaped plan of essentially two wings, one of which could theoretically be closed down. This form allowed a sheltered outdoor area protected from the easterly and nor-eastely winds but still very much connected to the view through the transparent living wing.”

sofa beach house-Okitu House by Pete Bossley Architects
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