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Portable and Functional Stools from Clab4design – Sgabellox Stools


This is the design of furniture (not just electronics) that respond to the times, when people are required to keep moving, while it also required something that is portable and functional. Sgabellox is a stool from Clab4design composed of three pieces, which may be easily assembled in a few seconds. It is provided with a string that may be used as a handle or a shoulder strap, to either hang the stool on a wall, or carry it around with you. Sgabellox comes in two different versions :

Sgabellox Hang
Just take Sgabellox off the wall, assemble it and welcome your guests. Its particular design will also serve as a decoration for any surface you may hang it on.

Sgabellox Walk
Lighter, the legs are only 6 mm thick, but very strong. In this case, you will be able to carry the stool wherever you want.

Sgabellox Stool via {Clab4design}

portable stools
functional stools
image by www.clab4design.it

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