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Rattan stools from Abie Abdillah – Asha Stool

Indonesian designer Abie Abdillah has created Asha Stool. It’s a rattan stool that was inspired by “Rumah Gadang” a traditional house from West Sumatera, Indonesia precisely Minangkabau Traditional Houses below…

Rumah Gadang image courtesy willysuryawan.blogspot.com

here the Asha Stool

Rattan stools

From Abie Abdillah:
Made as a tribute for the victims of West Sumatera Earthquake in 2009, and inspired by the top of “Rumah Gadang” (a traditional house from West Sumatera, Indonesia) shapes. The word “Asha” means “Life”, with an intension to give hope and prayer for the victims.

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