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Rubik’s Cube puzzle Game be a Furniture – ideas from Clab4design

You must still remember Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle that was very successful in the ’80s. But have you ever imagined if this puzzle game is designed to be a furniture. This idea came from clab4design. Clab4design designed Rubik’s cube in its container version, as a furnishing and design item. Made from MDF (catalyzed wood fibers, ideal for coloring and quite stable), grooved so as to reproduce the effect of nine cubes per side. Each side is painted with the original cube colors. Incredible idea.

The door can be opened on touch, using just a little pressure. The hinges are aluminium, while the spring mechanism is provided by Blumm. The 4 steel feet are 2 cm tall. The Rubik’s cube container is an atypical piece of furniture for our standards, since it is not made of natural materials and finishes, although the MDF is FSC certified.[clab4design]

So where did this idea come from. The following is the story from Clab4design :

The idea for this piece of furniture was suggested by a customer and friend of ours.This guy, who is very fond of games, told us about his wish to have a couple of Rubik’s cube-like closets in his office.
Though a bit skeptical at first, we started working on two 100x100x100 cm cubes. They were so big, that the door frame had to be dismantled in order to get them into the office. However, the final aesthetic result was much better than we had imagined, and even better than the results of our computer simulation.
Lacquering gave the cubes a soft, pleasant and fine playful feeling.Once placed in their final position, the two cubes became very popular and we received lots of requests for new items with different sizes.

Further detail please visit clab4design site here.

image by clab4design / www.clab4design.it

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