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Save On Your Energy Bill Through Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system properly maintained helps your home’s heating and cooling system last longer, operate more efficiently and just as importantly to most of us, keeps energy costs lower. There is no substitute for annual maintenance by a professional air conditioning repair service, but, according to Conditioned Air Solutions (www.conditionedairsolutions.com) there are some things that you may be able to do yourself to keep your home’s air conditioner and heater working properly in between regularly scheduled service.

Change Your Air Filters

This is the easiest HVAC maintenance task of all and is one which you can (and should) do yourself. If your air conditioner sees a lot of use in the summer, the filters should be changed at least monthly; in especially hot weather where your AC is running almost constantly, you may want to check the filters even more often.

Clogged air filters force your system to work harder, which can reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner. They also mean higher energy costs, so don’t neglect to check your home heating and cooling system’s filters regularly and change them when necessary.

Clean Your Condenser Unit

Central air conditioner systems which have an outdoor condenser unit need to be cleaned as needed. Opening up the unit to clean the cooling fins may void your warranty – check this beforehand and if this is the case, leave this job to the professionals. However, leaves, dirt and other debris can and should be removed from the exterior of the condenser unit. Like a dirty air filter, a dirty condenser can’t cool your home as efficiently, placing strain on your AC system and resulting in higher energy costs.

Check Air Vents

You probably won’t be able to access much of your home’s ductwork, but you should be aware that a leak in your air ducts could greatly reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. What you can do is to check vents and clean them if they’re beginning to become clogged by lint and dirt. When you have an air conditioning repair service over to service your unit, have them check your home’s ductwork as well – fixing leaks and blowing out debris can greatly reduce your energy bill and keep your home at a comfortable temperature year round.

Thank you to the writers at Eyes on Huntsville for some ideas on heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance.

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