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Sexiest lamp by Kelly Kerrigan – Tramp Lamps, indoor lamp collection

Designed by Kelly Kerrigan, an artist from Nashville, who repurposes vintage lingerie into luscious luminaries filled full of sensual curves. This is the sexiest lamp, the “Tramp Lamps” indoor crafted lamp made of Vintage and Modern women’s clothing. High creativity needed to designing this lamps, you are also forced to be more creative to put these lights on your rooms, you can hang or taped it on your wall according to your taste and your creativity. As designers says “Be creative and let us know if you discover a great new way to display you lamp!”

The following is an explanation from designers like newshouse quote from the official website at tramplamps.com :

Tramp Lamps are one of a kind hand made lamps crafted out of Vintage and Modern women’s clothing. Each lamp is unique and is ready to hang in any home with any décor. The garment is made stiff with a handcrafted non-flammable water based solution. Each lamp comes with a 6-foot click switch cord, a small 25-watt frosted globe bulb and a matching padded hanger. These lamps are to be hung from their hanger at all times. Where you decide to hang your Tramp Lamp is totally up to you. Be creative and let us know if you discover a great new way to display you lamp!

image by Tramp Lamps / www.tramplamps.com

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