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Sleeper Sofas to answer the needs of your nap – Supadupa Sofa from Alexander Lotersztain

Designed by Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain, this is Supadupa, big casual sofa are promising more comfort for those of you who like to indulge themselves on the sofa in the lounge. This giant sofa looks very comfortable, answer all of your needs a nap. And the following is description of the Supadupa Sofa design from Alexander : “The concept was to create a sofa with ‘bean bag’ qualities of comfort and casualness. All vertical seams have been designed with a drawstring system to create the softer/fat look by gathering the leather; the vertical drawstrings also assist in keeping the intended shape.” This comfortable sofa consists of three modular elements that can be moved to adjust the design space according to your tastes. via freshome

image by Alexander Lotersztain / www.derlot.com

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