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SWIMMING POOLS, the new design inspiration from Eckersley Garden Architecture

Some of the following swimming pool design we expect to inspire you to designed a swimming pool be more beautiful. This pool design ideas come from Eckersley Garden Architecture, an Australian owned company specializing in garden design.

Some statements from the Eckersley Garden about design examples of this swimming pool, as we quoted from homeydesigning.com, may give you more for inspiration.

Australia has such a hot and dry climate that water plays a huge role in our recreational lifestyle. Demand for swimming pools in the designed landscape is increasing as more and more people seek the pleasures of water in their own properties. There are many different options available in layout, style and materials – mosaic tiles, glass bead renders, solar and gas heating, saltwater chlorination, freshwater filtration – to name but a few. Swimming pools can be large and dominant, or more distant destinations within the landscape, lap pools or plunge pools – the choices are endless.

Swimming pools are a pivotal and expensive part of any landscape but surprisingly few are designed in a way that best suits the site or offers the client greatest amenity. Often pools are designed and sited by pool builders with the landscape seen as ancillary. A swimming pool should be considered objectively as one component of a garden design and should blend aesthetically into the style of the garden and the surrounding architecture.[Eckersley Garden Architecture]

image by Eckersley Garden / www.e-ga.com.au

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