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Table lamps with Japanese-style ornaments by Davin Larkin

Davin Larkin has designed a lamp called “table lamp, mood lighting”. Designed with Japanese style, this lamp comes with a minimalist design, we love the beautiful ornaments that were presented by designer into this lamp, very elegant. The following are description about this lamp by designer, we are confident you will be more fall in love with this lamp after reading it.

From Davin Larkin :
The design creates a table centrepiece that produces an everlasting candle-like glow and creates conversation at your dinner party. The real beauty of this compact light is to be seen when lit, though the piece makes for a pretty Japanese-style ornament in its own right. Showing off the natural features of the wood, the glow of the light from within brings out the grain and the grooves.

image by Davin Larkin / www.davinlarkin.com

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