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Small Apartment Ideas : 40sqm – utilize every part of the room

Small Apartment Ideas

This is a project about how to utilize every part of the 40 sqm apartment room became more functional and more comfortable. Designers removed the hallway and combined a living room with a kitchen and a dining area. Brilliant idea, every corner of the room used as a storage and bookcases. Two large cabinets placement near the entrance is a great solution in the utilization of space and function.

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Apartment Interior Design in Fifth Avenue by Ricard Meier Architects

This apartment located in New York and was desingned by Ricard Meier Architects. From the architects “A set louvered wood and glass door panels enclose the elevator vestibule and mark the threshold of the aparment. The spatial layering provides a sense of privacy to the interior while allowing natural light to pentrate to the core. Immediately trough the door is a grand open space which extends the lenght of the tower along Fifth Avenue, and is unified by an elegant wood bookcase that exhibits an extraordinary collection of art objects. What had been a compartment of 3 individual rooms has been transformed into an espansive, flowing space that contains living area, less formal seating area with a retractable television, and a dining area adjacent to the open kitchen. Expansive plaster walls flanking the long sides of the space allow for the display of art and frame panoramic views of the park.”

Apartment Interior Design
Apartment Interior Design
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