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61 Square meters apartment interior bring wonderful life

Well, everyone would want a wonderful life even though that we have is limited. “Limited” I mean is space and “life” is house that we have.

An example is this small apartment in sweden, only with 61 square meters, but the interior with all the arrangement of furniture looks very life to bring happiness. The color palette is cheerful, yet subtle and tasteful. The living room greets the guests with its homey feel: pillows on the floor, plenty of books to chose from.

There are many glazed windows to make the boundary between inside and outside is minimal. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Take a look and let the pictures explain.

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How to take advantage of unused space in small apartment became more functional? Idea from LOGOS

How to take advantage of unused small space into a functional room? at this time we give examples design from Logos, about how to take advantage of unused space in a small apartment to be used as a kitchen, although small but all the kitchen needs are within them. A new idea of the Logos to a small apartment on the beach belongs to Helena. According to the logoscoop.com an official Logos site;
A novel idea was to choose a kitchen hidden behind folding doors. The chosen solution did not make the kitchen into a feature, but added to the atmosphere of the rest of the house. This did not mean that the space was cramped or not functional as, despite being small, it had everything needed for a full kitchen. This kitchen therefore easily and discretely fitted in with the rest of the house, and can be left open or closed as Helena wants and with a special touch of originality and freshness thanks to the layered red and orange gloss colours.
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Apartment decorating with black and white colors in Swedish

This Swedish apartment seems to be a dream for an independent person, black and white is theme for this apartment, the floor is made of ceramic and others floor prefer choose wood. Simple hanging lamp and wall cabinets with dark color is match with this apartment theme decoration. Ceramic with black colors with white stripes will greet you once you get into this beautiful apartment. via tevami
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