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Remodeled 1950s apartment : restructure the kitchen

Designed by Francesc Mitjans in the 1950s and then remodeled by Patrizia Casarini and Monica Colominas of the interior design studio Dalla Polvere, this apartment offers warmth and personality. Designers restructure the kitchen to make more workable, from three areas ( ironing, washing and cooking ), now it consolidated into two, with a main kitchen area plus a home office area.

apartment renovation

Interestingly, the designers still retaining the vintage 1950s details like switches and door handles, antique furniture and collection of contemporary art.

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Penthouse renovation to get plenty of light – Copenhagen Penthouse II

It’s time to go to Copenhagen. Comes from NORM Architects this is penthouse project in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Penthouse II is situated on the top of one the few high rise buildings in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

The architects have completely renovated the interior of this penthouse in a way tore down a substantial part of the concrete walls and cut all doors open to the ceilings, in order to create an open plan and increase the feeling of height.

The main goal of this renovation is to meet the client’s desire to obtain completely minimalistic space with no nonsense and plenty of light on the top of town.

The penthouse with contrasting black and white color also has stunning view overlooking the city.
Further detail from the architects is after the jump…
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61 Square meters apartment interior bring wonderful life

Well, everyone would want a wonderful life even though that we have is limited. “Limited” I mean is space and “life” is house that we have.

An example is this small apartment in sweden, only with 61 square meters, but the interior with all the arrangement of furniture looks very life to bring happiness. The color palette is cheerful, yet subtle and tasteful. The living room greets the guests with its homey feel: pillows on the floor, plenty of books to chose from.

There are many glazed windows to make the boundary between inside and outside is minimal. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Take a look and let the pictures explain.

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Cozy futuristic apartment interior in Kiev, Ukraine

Beautiful contemporary futuristic mosaic concept by Natalya Farnosova and Elena Samarina. This 120 square meter apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine.

The futuristic interior has a simple element by selecting figures and lines and the graphics which is based on the contrast of white and black to demonstrate the miracles of geometry and prove the showiness of the simplicity.
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Conceptually modern house in San Francisco, California by Craig Steely architect

Located in San Francisco, California, Beaver Street Reprise house is a conceptually modern house that fits contextually into a Victorian neighborhood. It contains an apartment, an office, and a split-level living area that opens onto a deck with sod roof.[Craig Steely]
This house was designed by Craig Steely architect.

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Pinky apartment interior decoration for your lovely girl

Designed by Betsey Johnson and BNOdesign, this is stylish pink valentine theme for apartment interior design. This stylish Gold Coast penthouse duplex loft is the New York residence of a famed fashion designer whose underlying respect for classics always has an irreverent edge and sense of fun. A lavishly presented confection of fifties Hollywood glamour trimmed in lace, velvet, and gold tassels, beneath the signature pink paint and fabulously frou-frou furnishings is a home with unique character… This apartment is perfect for those gifts that you love. – via – great interior design

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