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Bathroom ideas for your inspiration

Below are some bathroom design ideas from Porcelanosa. You will see the bathroom ideas that featured a glossy tiles and mosaic pattern, ceramic tiles also natural marble. That combination makes the bathroom look cool, stylish and elegant. Take a look and do not miss every detail corner of the bathroom.

bathroom design ideas

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Free to determine the Idea of Bathroom Design according to your needs with Axor Flexible Bathroom

Flexible Bathroom design

Here is Axor Flexible Bathroom Collection from Axor Design, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec with approximately 70 choices of different bathroom design ideas, which make Axor collection is very flexible. Designer designed this bathroom to meet the individual needs of each user, read more »

Bathroom design photos inspiration with green theme

Some people think the green color is not suitable for decorating a bathroom, wall colors, furniture, carpet, all interior in the bathroom as if to avoid the green color. But look at the bathroom decorating pictures below you will definitely change your mind, you may even be inspired to design your bathroom with a green color as main color. Please enjoy this inspirational picture below.
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K08 bathroom – the answer for those looking for good quality and design in small space

Here is K08 bathroom decoration idea from Karol with special attention to small bathrooms. The reduced depth of the cabinets and to rounded corners, capable to answer the requirements of those looking for good quality and design, even though not having much space available. The basins, available in assorted designs and finishes, can be positioned either on the centre of the wash-basin cabinet or on the end of the corner to allow the full exploitation of the storage inside the cabinet and of the countertop. Main features of this bathroom collection are the attention to space utilization and the double finish option, lacquered and wood. Take a look, please visit Karol site for further information.

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Supernova – Modern bathroom interior by Mike Meiré

NewsHouse-Bathroom. Designed by Mike Meiré for Don Bracht. This Supernova, a modern bathroom interior with the reflection and refraction of light as central elements in the lead bath and permeate design. Supernova will give you another inspiration in designing bathroom was meant for private sanctuary bathroom, the water flow was the key of the theme design, waterfall faucets and rain shower fixtures. It will be the place that will give you relax and comfort and water was the center of attention that will bring the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Feel different spa experience with high quality wooden bathtub-Laguna Spa series

NewsHouse-Bathroom. Another one bathtub from Laguna, Laguna Spa series. And this is some information about this bathtub series from Laguna :
The most fascinating bathtub of all. Its wide rim and the overflow integrated therein enable the tub to be filled brimful. Excess water will then gurgle pleasantly away between the pebbles. This system gives you the possibility to relax your neck and head in warm water pure bliss after a tiring day! The wide rim, which one can also sit on, makes getting in and out an easy matter. Attractive optical accents can be set with the employment of different pebbles or even other materials–bathing becomes a delight beyond comparison.
See also Laguna Pearl series.

Feel be one with nature with high quality wooden bathtub-Laguna Pearl series

NewsHouse-Bathroom. This is bathtub from Laguna, with an attractive design and high quality workmanship, also natural warmth of wood made it the central eye-catching element in every bathroom. This is another touch to a bathtub, you will be taken at one with nature by natural wood wrapped. Try and feel the difference. There’s also a special bath for the spa-Laguna Spa.
Here is some information from Laguna :
Our free-standing model. Thanks to its compact external dimensions and the simple mode of installation it can also be installed in an existing bathroom with minimum trouble. Its attractive design and high-quality workmanship as well as the natural warmth of the wood make it the central eye-catching element in every bathroom.

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Sexiest bathtub inspired by shape of eggs by Victoria and Albert

NewsHouse-Bathroom. Designed by Victoria and Albert this is Organic Egg Nappoli Bathubs. Inspired by the shape of eggs, designers try to design a bathtub with a comfortable arch and keep low step-in height. Intended to stand freely without buffer or leaning on the wall, so it’s easy to get placed anywhere in your bathroom. A very sexy designs to keep you remain comfortable in the shower.