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Bathtub with two functions : as a bathtub and a washbasin

The modern bathtub that offers two functions in ones, one turn as a bathtub and another turn as a washbasin. Designed by DiciannoveDieciDesign, this universal bathtubs called Disambigua – Unambiguous.

With functional features, this bathtubs very suitable for small bathrooms.

bathtub and washbasin

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Bathroom design to bring traditional Turkish bath experience

turkish bathroom designs

This bathroom design will bring you to traditional Turkish bath experience. The barthroom designed by GAD Architecture.

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K08 bathroom – the answer for those looking for good quality and design in small space

Here is K08 bathroom decoration idea from Karol with special attention to small bathrooms. The reduced depth of the cabinets and to rounded corners, capable to answer the requirements of those looking for good quality and design, even though not having much space available. The basins, available in assorted designs and finishes, can be positioned either on the centre of the wash-basin cabinet or on the end of the corner to allow the full exploitation of the storage inside the cabinet and of the countertop. Main features of this bathroom collection are the attention to space utilization and the double finish option, lacquered and wood. Take a look, please visit Karol site for further information.

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Supernova – Modern bathroom interior by Mike Meiré

NewsHouse-Bathroom. Designed by Mike Meiré for Don Bracht. This Supernova, a modern bathroom interior with the reflection and refraction of light as central elements in the lead bath and permeate design. Supernova will give you another inspiration in designing bathroom was meant for private sanctuary bathroom, the water flow was the key of the theme design, waterfall faucets and rain shower fixtures. It will be the place that will give you relax and comfort and water was the center of attention that will bring the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Bathroom appliance sets with natural concept from Hoesch

Bathroom is completed with name SensaMare another product from Hoesch. It turns out that all of the bathroom shower, tub and sink. These are active people who enjoy modern and comfortable furniture, as required. If you’re one of them, you should interested with SensaMare. SensaMare offers a place where you can relax and recover. You can start the day with a fresh and vibrant. Comfortable Jacuzzi could help restore your energy after a busy day at work. All products are made in a contemporary minimalist style that goes well into black and white. One of the most interesting features of this series is a combination of white acrylic with exotic woods, adding a natural touch. – via – DD

Here some information about SensaMare product from Hoesch :
Experience sensuous minimalism, a bathroom of captivating naturalness and harmony. The new SensaMare complete bathroom by yellow design unlocks timeless elegance, which meets the highest demands for comfort. The design idea is based on power and expressiveness of clear unpretentious forms. It follows the concept of tension trough contrasts. The combination of cubistic and circular elements forms the basis of SensaMare. The use of controversial materials makes the tension even stronger. SensaMare is a completely new interpretation of a bathroom.

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Cube – Elegant minimalist shower boxes from Albatros

Designed by Albatros Idoemozioni, this is Cube a modern and minimalist shower boxes, with clear glass wall Cube looks elegant. The shower is equipped with panel available, covered with teak, as the moat and removable seat transparent methacrylate. Cube shower boxes completed vapor system with on-off steam bath. Available in wall and corner version.

Cube shower boxes could be the right choice for you who are looking for bath appliances with an elegant minimalist concept. For further detail please visit Albatros site.