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Best teenager bedroom decorating ideas – shaped of heart

Here is the best bedroom decorating ideas with theme fairy tales, castles and princesses combined with a heart shaped in each furniture. Chairs, pillows, bed covers, nothing escaped the mighty heart-shaped plan. We knows one fact that teenager or young ladies love hearts. Which is why this bedrooms below all feature heart themed furniture. The colors are also typical for teen girls, pink, light green, yellow, red and baby blue. Take a look and immediately treat your daughter with a bedrooms design suitable for their age. via – FH

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Attractive bedroom furniture for kids

If you have a child or teenage and looking for a good idea to design their room. You could interest with Team 7, because Team 7 have collection great combinations of wooden beds, chairs, themes and playground accessories. So it can help you to furnish your kids room become suitable, not just for sleep but for fun and play too.

There are some collections of wooden furniture from Team 7 for both kids and teens, boys and girls, and all of them have a fun shaped varied textures so look very attractive. With all of this, you could organize an attractive rooms complete with a lot of games for your children using an age appropriate theme. Take a look the inspirational picture below and visit Team 7 site for more decorating ideas to create a perfect rooms.

Wooden bedroom furniture for kids from Team 7
Wooden bedroom furniture for kids from Team 7
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Bright color kids bedroom theme from Zalf

Designed for kids, Zalf bedrooms take theme with bright color combinations and patterns with contemporary clean lines. Carpets take an important role in every bedroom design, because, apart from a grounding feature, carpet can create warmth and stylish qualities, carpets are also easy to maintained. Furniture, especially cupboards, tables and chairs arranged properly adjust the shape of the room and managed to get scene out at all times.
Kids bedroom design ideas from Zalf -via-trendir

Bright color bedroom theme from Zalf
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