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Cute bed design by Hyun-Seok Kim

cute bed

Its cute bed design by Hyun-Seok Kim – Easy Express Emotion Bed -, according to the inewidea: the bed has two parts- would form a heart shape if two people lie close to each other while divide into separate small beds if they choose to stay away from the other.
Hyun-Seok Kim via inewidea.

French style children bedroom furniture by Savio Firmino

This children bedroom furniture collection will bring a real fairy tale into your lovely child room. This bedroom furniture is come from Italian company Savio Firmino.

french bedroom furniture

Some collection from this Italian company are inspired by classic and romantic French style, detailed with beautiful scrollwork and carvings. Beautiful…

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“bed bath and beyond” Ups Sory this post should be titled “Buonanotte Valentina bed by Ceccotti Collezioni”

Buonanotte Valentina bed was designed by Italian manufacturer Ceccotti Collezioni. Unique shape uses clean lines construction to create a stunning visual appeal. comes in both a leather upholstered headboard version and a version where wooden slats adorn the headboard, which is constructed of solid American walnut. The wooden slat version in particular creates an interesting shape as the headboard slats combine with the under-workings of the frame for a nice effect. A classic touch with modern designs, incredible. via – furnicraft

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Comfy Sofa transform into bed – inspired by foldable simple mattress

Designed by Adrien Rovero, this is a great creative idea, Sofa Campeggi slash //Slash, sofa with double function, as a comfortable sofa or can also serve as a bed, like a foldable simple mattress.
From this known foldable principle, the concept is push to the extreme in term of comfort and uses by including slats, an easy transformation as well as two clear uses. Although it looks a bit stiff in shape but this is perfect innovation of combining a comfy sofa with bed. [image by: adrienrovero]
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The Ito wall bed with adjustable sofa from Bonbon

This is The Ito, wall bed with adjustable sofa from Bonbon. The Ito is fronted with a comfortable adjustable sofa, the unit transforms with one simple movement into bed without having to move any objects at all, the shelf becomes a support for the bed, sofa covers are fully removable and can be washed or dry-cleaned depending on the selected fabric. The design is suitable for those of you who have problems with small room. You can order this multifunction sofa at Bonbon site by clicking here. [image by: bonbon] – via – bonbon
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Bubble, kids bedroom theme from Sangiorgio – like a zebra crossing the river

Like a zebra crossing the river, that might be a suitable theme for the design of this bedroom collection from Sangiorgio. Bubble is a design for a child’s room with a simple concept yet modern. Black and white lines dominate the room with the flow direction like exact color of a zebra, while the green and white colors added to bedroom furniture is very beautiful like a growing leaf in the forest. This new Sangiorgio collection is featured by innovating and exclusive materials, the bubble surfaces make the wardrobes precious and the Happy Single beds are covered with ecological leather. If you are interested please visit Sangiorgio site for more information. [image by: Sangiorgio]

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Algo, cabinets and beds – furnishing for your bedroom by Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling

Designed by Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling for Interluebke, this is Algo, cabinets and beds, universal furniture system that may be combined, expanded and used in countless different ways in your bedroom. You do not need to bother looking for one by one furnishings for your bedroom interior, whether it is low-board or sideboard, shelf or cabinet as a matching bed or room divider, because Algo furniture sets cuts a fine figure in any position. This is the best choice of furniture sets with bright colour for your bedroom interior. Please visit Interluebke site for further detail specification.[image by: Interluebke]

Home office furniture collection from Porro – natural materials high-tech finish

Founded at Brianza the traditional birthplace of Italian quality furniture. Porro is a Italian furniture company, Porro’s production is completed with ranges of closed and walk-in wardrobes, beds, bookcases, chairs and tables as well as furnishing accessories that not only look good with Porro’s furniture, but also enhance any kind of interior setting, from the most simple and sober to the most eclectic and decorative.
And here are some examples of Porro’s products for your home office, I deliberately chose home office furniture, because I liked the design and simplicity, furniture looks simple but elegant and functional. Furniture the most widely used materials are wood, crystal, glass, marble and aluminium. Natural, simple materials used together with high-tech. I hope you like it like I love it.
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