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Kajen Public Bench by Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand

Thomas Bernstrand has designed Kajen public bench for manufacturer, Nola.

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Creative Letter Bench from Boex

Boex have just finished create Letter Bench that installed at a hospital in Bristol. Made from hardwood, letters hand carved supported on a stainless steel frame with 2500mm wide x 900mm high. The concept of the bench is in the format a folded postcard from an actual letter sent by a patient who stayed at the hospital. The idea is to reassure new patients about the experience they will have during their stay. Very creative, very useful. We love this. Further detail you should visit Boex site here.

image by Boex / www.boex.co.uk

x_module – modular furniture system by a_rosinke and m_chmara

Designed by a_rosinke and m_chmara for Stadpark. This is x_module, made from plywood, this modular furniture system can be combined in many ways. You can use them as a shelf, a stool, a coffee table, a bench or chait or whatever you like. Very suitable for you who like creative ideas, disassemble your interior decor pairs. Because, this modular furniture system very flexible, customize your needs in decorating.

image by Stadpark

Brainwash – Stools, table and bench from Luxxbox

Designed by Australian designer Jason Bird studio Luxxbox, this is indoor and outdoor furniture consist of stools, tables and benches that is called “Brainwash”.
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Bench for garden, patio or backyard – Quadrant bench from DEDU Design

Here is outdoor furniture products that we liked. Came from DEDU Design, this is bench with geometric shapes, and provides an ideal focus point. Very beautiful to decorate the garden or patio or backyard.

Description from DEDU Design :
The strong geometry and scored, cross-axial lines of Quadrant provide the ideal focal point for an outdoor setting. The center basin can be filled with plants, stones, or water to create a point of interest or a natural screen. Made of certified renewable cellulose fiber and resin.
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