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Best Classy Air Purifiers by Eno Setiawan – B-NEST Air Purifiers

best air purifiers

Designed by Eno Setiawan, B-NEST is a classy air purifier which also can serve as furntiur accessories for your home interior. This air purifier works by sucking air from all around the honey comb casing it filters and blows out from the top. At the top there is a night lamp emitter which serves as indicator that shows the air condition in glowing color. Red color means the air is bad, orange indicates good air and the green signifies healthy air.
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Home Air Purifier with HPP Filtration System from Swizz Style

Room air in our homes is the main component for family health, healthy air will make your body fitter. That’s why the Swizz Style company released their new air purifier under the name Viktor. VIKTOR is the new air purifier which uses the new High Potential Particle (HPP) filtration system. The technology is as effective as HEPA filtration but uses less energy.

Swizz Style has designed this air purifier with a minimalist yet elegant style that allows you to put it anywhere, adjust the room decor. With this functional device you certainly get some fresh air every time. The special filter cleanses the air while active carbon eliminates unpleasant odors. And with five capacity stages (extremely quiet to powerful) and dimmable night-mode LED control lights. via geeksology

Start living healthy with breathe fresh air.
image by Swizz Style