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Bookshape by Davide Radaelli

Another creative design from Italian designer Davide Radaelli, many thanks for the amazing images. Here are Bookshape by Davide Radaelli for GSPOT.


Description from the designer:
Bookshape is a book-containing-object (its dimensions are 60x60x12 cm) where the spaces for storing the books look like the casts of an unpredictable series of books.

Bookshape consists of a series of acrylic layers. The inner ones are white opal and the exterior ones are transparent and colored.

All of these layers are laser-cut in order to get a bookcase whose shape is defined by the books, because the original idea was that the content had to give shape to its container.

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Book Porcupine, book storage with stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out

Designed by Holly Palmer this is Book Porcupine, storage for your favourite books. The name of the “Book Porcupine” is given in reference to its silhouette, the stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out at various angles and degrees. This book storage designed with 18 sections in various sizes and to sit beside a standart chair, so you can easily reach it while reading in your easychair. Take a look, and you will not be able to imagine where this idea came, I loved it, incredible. Please visit Holly Palmer site for detail specification and prices.