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Pandora Storage and Cabinet from Dutch designer Sander Mulder

modular storage and cabinets

Pandora is a storage and cabinets from Dutch designer Sander Mulder. Made of powder coated steel and stained glass, the individual pieces can be stacked and rotated around in endless combinations, to create your personal container terminal for all domestic storage uses.

Technical information:
Colour(s): available in all RAL colours.
Dimensions (HxWXD): Small:50×100×50cm, Medium:100×100×50cm, Large:200×100×50cm.
Weight: Small: 40kg, Medium: 90 kg, Large: 120 kg.
Material: powder coated steel, stained glass.
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Environmentally Friendly Wood Cabinet by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

wood cabinet

This is a unique cabinet made from readapting shipping crates that are usually used as a container and combined with foot of a old sideboard. Then added with a hinge for ease in open and close the cabinets.

This creative environmentally friendly cabinet was designed by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. via {stilsucht}

wood cabinets

Creative kitchen designs by Lago – you’ll never get bored in the kitchen

Bright, cheerful colors, tables and cabinets are expressed in a variety of colors. This creative kitchen designs are designed by Lago, display cheerfulness and variety of storage solutions in the form of pullout draws, cabinets and pantries. Balanced on clear inserts or mounted on the wall, these designs give the impression that they are hovering off the floor. via trendir

Lago designing this kitchen not only as a place to cook, but as the room which will be frequently used at home, you can work in this kitchen or just accompany cooking. Look at this creative kitchen designs, we are confident you will never get bored in the kitchen.
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Home entrance hall furniture – pure elegance Tameta from Hülsta

Pure elegance in your entrance hall – with TAMETA. This combination in walnut and black lacquered glass provides sufficient space for your coats.[Hülsta]

Tameta furniture collection from Hülsta consist of wall shelves, mirror and several cabinets. You do not have to bother looking for a suitable combination of furniture because Tameta is a compact unit and it also offers lots space for storage. Available in various colors and finishing, allows you to find right combination which fits with your entrance hall decor. Black or white or other colors with a wide range of material choices, looks elegant.
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Amazing cabinet inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” by Ontwerpduo

I really can not say anything when I saw this remarkable design, design that combines art and high level imagination. Direct course, please see, because we really do not know how to define it.
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Creature Comforts cabinet from Kooyong Design – when traditional sideboard came to life

Inspired by make believe and fairytale magic with the intent of recreating childhood memories and making people smile, Kooyong Design attempt to represent what would happen if a traditional sideboard came to life and took on human qualities. And here is “Creature Comforts” cabinet that made from a walnut veneer with high gloss white lacquered doors and solid walnut legs or in a lacquered MDF. [image by: kooyongdesign] – via – kooyongdesign
Take a look, whether you like it ?
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Belly cabinets by Laurens van Wieringen – designed for dear person

Designed by Dutch designer Laurens van Wieringen, this is Belly cabinets, a private unique furniture that was designed for their client to commemorate a dear person. – via – modresdes
This is some explanation about this Belly cabinets from Laurens :
“A private client asked us to design a unique piece of furniture to commemorate a dear person. It has been a honor to work on such an unique commission! We have worked on the Belly Cabinet with great pleasure. The Belly Cabinet, with its extrovert belly shape and bright red color, is made to largely define the entrance of the living room. The chest of drawers consists of five layers from which drawers were cut, pushed back & forward creating its shape.” [image by: Laurens]
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Algo, cabinets and beds – furnishing for your bedroom by Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling

Designed by Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling for Interluebke, this is Algo, cabinets and beds, universal furniture system that may be combined, expanded and used in countless different ways in your bedroom. You do not need to bother looking for one by one furnishings for your bedroom interior, whether it is low-board or sideboard, shelf or cabinet as a matching bed or room divider, because Algo furniture sets cuts a fine figure in any position. This is the best choice of furniture sets with bright colour for your bedroom interior. Please visit Interluebke site for further detail specification.[image by: Interluebke]