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The Right Carpet for Your New Home


You are having a new home built and get to choose the carpet that will be installed in it. It is an exciting prospect but also a stressful one. More than color needs to be considered. The texture, the amount of traffic and the ease of care also need to be taken into account.

You can choose different carpet for different rooms or you can choose one carpet for the entire house. Selecting a different carpet for each room lets you customize the choice based on the use of the room and the amount of traffic the room will have. For instance, bedrooms can be carpeted in colors reflecting the person whose room it is. Using different colors should be confined to rooms that are not open to an adjacent room, such as a living room and dining room in an open concept layout. It is best to keep textures the same or similar in all rooms as this will help with consistency and make cleaning the carpet a little easier.

Most people simply choose one carpet for the entire house. In this case, a neutral color is used that goes easily with nearly any decor. The best option is to choose a carpet that will hold up in your highest traffic area. This makes sure your carpet doesn’t wear out too soon in those areas and will look great longer in your entire house.

Ease of cleaning is an important consideration. Choose carpet made of materials known to be easy to clean, especially if they have stain and dirt repellants such as Scotchgard. The best way to keep carpet clean is to start with carpet that resists stains and dirt. When looking at your options, consider natural carpet cleaning options and be sure to read the care instructions on any carpet you consider. It will keep you from making a choice you regret later.

Compare the materials the carpet is made of as that will make a difference in how long you can expect the carpet to last. Good quality carpet will last and look beautiful for many years while lower quality carpet will show obvious signs of wear in a short time. Even though you may pay more for the best quality, it will save in the long run as it will not need to be replaced as soon.There many carpet materials to consider from natural fibers, polyester, nylon, and environmental friendly carpet.

One option you might consider is getting top quality carpet tiles. These are easy to install and since nothing is foolproof, if an area does get stained in spite of everything you do to prevent it, you can simply replace the stained or worn tiles without replacing the entire carpet. There a many online suppliers of discount carpet tiles including: bestcarpetvalue.com, flooringinc.com and carpet-wholesale.com. you can also shop locally at Lowes, Homedepot, or many other local carpet stores. You would want to purchase a good supply of extra tiles just to be sure you have the matching tiles. If you choose carpet tiles that are classic and popular designs, they may be available for a good, long time so you can purchase them as needed.

Choosing new carpet for a new home is exciting. When done with care and not in a rush, you will have floors that stay beautiful for many years.