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Another Lounge Chair design for the Best Home Furniture collection

There are a lots of lounge chairs that we present to you in newshousedesign.com, all of that is to help you choose what you should be make the best collection in your home. For example Bloom Lounge Chair from Kenneth Cobonpue that was inspired by graceful blossom of a flower or Odu Lounge Chair by Confused-Direction : with different shapes and designs both have its own enthusiasts.

Lounge chair design that we wanted to present this time is Baba Lounger from Objekt Incorporated. Made of stainless steel frame and cylinders and fitted with individually upholstered suede cushions, this lounge chair very suitable for modern interiors. Some description from designer is after the jump…

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The Rocking Chair by Peter Vardai

The Rocking Chair

This Rocking Chair is designed by Hungarian designer Peter Vardai. Designers created this ergonomic chair to plan an armchair which is easily moveable, can be converted into a rocking-chair, can be used inside and outdoor as well, and both of the variations are comfortable. Comes in carbon frame that can be easily turned over, allows transformed without remodeling it. In addition, two-tone colors also add a beautiful impression on this elastic Rocking Chair.
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Reindeer Chair by Brazilian Studio Baíta Design

Designed by Brazilian Studio Baíta Design, this is Reindeer chair, multifunctional pieces of furniture inspired by the nature. Come in many different height and colors, Reindeer chair is – part hat and coat stand, part chair – a sit down, relax, take off your shoes, hang up your things without-even-moving, multi-functional piece of furniture. The taller option includes the hooks for hanging hates, coats, etc. read more »

Flashy chair design from Kiwi & Pom – It’s Disco Chair

Designed by London design studio, Kiwi & Pom, this is Disco Chair. This chair is designed for those of you who are bored with contemporary chairs and waited for the chair with a bit flashy design, able to change your home interior atmosphere be more colorful. This is a very bold idea, we really like the idea of this chair design. For further details, here are a few technical details from the designer. read more »

The return of Classic Chair Design – Cord Chair by Jacques Guillon

It seemed rise from the grave!
Chair design that is almost forgotten is designed by Canadian designer Jacques Guillon in 1953. Robustness of classical design is very condensed look at every angle. That’s what seems makes Avenue Road, manufacturer from Toronto reproduce this chair. Constructed in a solid maple wood frame and finished with either a walnut wood veneer or black lacquer, the chair’s material integrity is true to Jacques Guillon’s authentic design. The seat and back are fully strung in either white or black 8-strand braided cord. This chair is named Cord Chair.
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A Chair for My Mother – Comfy ArmChair by Antonio Citterio

Designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, this is rocking armchair with name Luis JJ Rocking Armchair. This rocking armchair combined of shag rug, metal arm and wooden rocking sleds. Ergonomic design “shag rug” with shape following the contours of the human body, promising comfort. We chose this seat for my beloved mother at home. Beautiful design. Take a look. read more »

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful – It’s Beautiful Lounge Chair from Studio Dror

Designed by Studio Dror for Cappellini, Peacock Chair design inspired by the beauty of the bird creature. The folds looks very beautiful, produce elegant chair design. Beauty design without leaving the comfort of this lounge chair.

The peacock chair is created out of three sheets of felt and a minimal metal frame. The folds of the felt are woven tightly to form a structured yet incredibly comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved.[Studio Dror]

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Classy lounge chair from Miso Soup – The Waltz Lounge

The Waltz Lounge is one example of classy chair design with a peek-a-boo footstool. Miso Soup designed Waltz Lounge with a very creative and functional, just slip peek-a-boo footstool out when you want to recline and slip it back in its hidey-hole to open up your floor space. Within instantly, this classy seats transformed into a lounge chair that ready to pamper you in luxury. via – curbly
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