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Simply yet elegant chair design by Fruitsuper Design – CH1 chair

Seat, back and relax is description of the simplicity design of CH1 chair. With reference to the human form, CH1 is a straightforward lounge chair. Seamless construction, an honesty to materials and simplified details combine in an elegant chair. CH1 chair created by Fruitsuper Design.
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Yolk Chair by Cho Hyung Suk – one bench for two people

Designed by Cho Hyung Suk, this Yolk Chair. Yolk chair’s concept is bench for the two people who are narrowest that two people were able to sit down. Well, one bench for two people, A person sitting down at a bottom feels comfortable and has own’s space. And another person sitting down to upside feels exciting and thrill. It’s look like a small pergola. This is new innovations of a bench for two people with MDF, plywood and fabric materilas. Another great design from Cho Hyung Suk, I love it.[image by: Cho Hyung Suk]
Please visit Cho Hyung Suk site for more chair design idea.

The Flag Halyard Chair, Lounge Chair design from PP Møbler

Designed by Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler this is The Flag Halyard Chair. The Flag Halyard Chair´s seat, back and arm rests is plaited with a 240 meter long unbroken piece of flag line. Made out of natural flax plaited around a core of static inlay strong enough to avoid unnecessary stretching over time. The chair’s surfaces are made of plaited flag halyard with the longhaired sheepskin softening the industrial sharpness of the steel, adding comfort. According to the history of the creation of this chair, while the whole family Wegner in Århus, Denmark where designer himself spent much time on the beach and with sand he created a form for future lounge chairs. This modern trendy chair designed for relaxation with a cushion for the head set. Here is The Flag Halyard Chair picture, photo by : Jens Mourits Sørensen and Mikkel Adsbøl.

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Modern armchair R 15, ride to rest you in comfort

NewsHouse-Chair. R 15, at first glance sounds like a name of plane or a sports car in Formula 1, but this is not name of plane or a sports car, it’s name of a chair, design idea from Redo Studio. The chair is intended for luxurious apartment interior or house with modern concept. Chairs are available in variety of colors, so it is easy to integrate in almost any room. Made with high-quality materials, wide shape and deep like an inflatable seat sofa, completed with furniture features broad armrests to ensure your comfortable. Are you like it? – via – The Design Blog
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Go green with recyclable Lyta armchair

Designed by Ronen Kadushin for German manufacturer Movisi. LYTA is lightweight armchair seating with only 11 kg makes enables people at any age to move it around for cleaning or just for rearranging. With a specially developed fitting method, this LYTA’s cushions and the covers are easy to remove for washing. The structure of the LYTA chair is made from ARPRO Expanded Polypropylene, which is basically tupperware with 95% air inside, it’s 100% recyclable.

The most important is the ergonomic design that makes everyone feel comfortable when sitting in this chair.

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Gaivota – New leather armchair for 2010

Gaivota chair has finished designed by Ricardo Fasanello for Etel Interiors. Elegant curve with splendid leather and integrated armrests is presented makes Gaivota become a modern armchair. The Gaivota features is a wide seat and made of luxurious leather which offers you smooth and sleek design, completed with spotless stitch lines and loveable color. With 83 x 105 x 62 inches Gaivota chair fit for small or large space… For further detail please visit Etel Interiors.

Enjoy the picture below and imagine you seats there…

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Prefect relaxation with Lane Chair

Designed by Busk + Hertzog for Cairo, chair which was named Lane Chair is designed specifically for your relaxation. Designed in smooth and clean lines, with a pillow for the neck and integrated with the footstool, this chair will provide the perfect relaxation experience for you. It will be perfect to have it in your home, to accompany you relax listening to music, or read your favorite magazine while accompanied by a cup of tea. Made from a combination of wool and polyamid with high quality, these seats will actually be a decent furniture you have at home.

The red one is after the jump.

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