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The New Sofas design by Jason Phillips – Louis Vuitton sofas

new sofa design

This sofa can define style for your home interior, the Louis Vuitton sofas is designed to fit into urban setting at any household or office. Designer Jason Phillips created the sofas in several different colors that intended to ease you adjust it with the colors on the wall of any room.

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Contemporary Suita sofa from Vitra

Suita from Vitra are comes as a classic sofa with modern elements to giving a contemporary, lightweight but still industrial and technical look. The soft-worked padding’s seem to float on top of the bridge-like feet made of polished aluminum which bears resemblance to the American mid-century design. Born from a combination of Italian flair for lightness and elegant workmanship and Swiss industrial quality, suita sofa will be the best contemporary sofa collection for your living room.
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Classic-modern sofa from Porada – blend of strong frames and comfy sofa

Strong impression, with a base made of brown wood and classic black look at this sofa collection from Porada. A perfect blend of strong frames, dark wood with light-colored sofa completed cushions on them, see how every corner of the timber is designed as a shelf to store books or decorative accessory. This classic-modern sofa perfectly functioning on all sides. Take a look and for further detail specification you should visit Porada site.

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