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Chaise lounge chairs inspired by tie by Velichko Velikov

Designed by Velichko Velikov, this is the design of the lounge chair with a simple design, inspired by tie. Varied colors, such as a tie in general, be main concern of this lounge chair design.

Have you put a tie for the people you care about! if ever, you must be familiar with the design of the chair below.
Take a look.
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Calypso Lounge chair by Jon Goulder – loveseat in traditional chaise longue

Designed by Jon Goulder, Calypso Lounge chair is a loveseat with a traditional chaise longue. It is designed to provide it’s user with cocoon-like personal space within the home and to inspire conversation and intimacy between couples. Calypso offers five ergonomically correct relaxed seating positions. Made from fibreglass, wool felt and stainless steel, Calypso Lounge chair could be a perfect choice for your recliner. – via – jongoulder [image by: jongoulder]
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The Flag Halyard Chair, Lounge Chair design from PP Møbler

Designed by Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler this is The Flag Halyard Chair. The Flag Halyard Chair´s seat, back and arm rests is plaited with a 240 meter long unbroken piece of flag line. Made out of natural flax plaited around a core of static inlay strong enough to avoid unnecessary stretching over time. The chair’s surfaces are made of plaited flag halyard with the longhaired sheepskin softening the industrial sharpness of the steel, adding comfort. According to the history of the creation of this chair, while the whole family Wegner in Århus, Denmark where designer himself spent much time on the beach and with sand he created a form for future lounge chairs. This modern trendy chair designed for relaxation with a cushion for the head set. Here is The Flag Halyard Chair picture, photo by : Jens Mourits Sørensen and Mikkel Adsbøl.

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3 Kids chair with attractive colors for active kids

NewsHouse-Chair. Maybe now you’re looking for a chair or sofa that is suitable for your child, a comfortable chair with attractive colors and safety materials. Here in Newshousedesign is the perfect place to visit and searching for. Is Adrenalina, italian company that produces furniture for baby seat, by providing some design models can be your choice. And here is three products from Adrenalina, Nuda Baby, chair with a combination of long sofa like beds, ideal for your active child. Op Baby, cute little chair with a colorful suitable placed to any child’s room. Symbol Baby, this seat is most secure and comfortable when seen from the model, designed with consideration that is based on the pattern of a very active child. So which is your choice ?

Modern bed chair design for living room/bedroom

This is Bed Chair Cardini Uno a modern design bed chair for your living room or bedroom. Chair offers high comfort level as well as its distinctive and modern design. Folded out, Cardini Uno turns into a fully-fledged spare bed, consuming considerably less space at the same time. Bed Chair Cardini Uno made with meterial 100% polyester, lying surface with polyurethane foam and steel frame. Please visit Fashion 4 Home for product detail information.

And here some images to inspire you about this chair.

Modern bed chair design for living room or bedroom-Bed Chair Cardini Uno
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