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The new 12 living room design inspiration from Hülsta

Good news for you enthusiasts to exclusive style in home interior design, especially living room. Hülsta introducing the latest design of living room, by using design and color shades of the color of the wood gives a more compact and more modern appearance.
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Home wallpaper or painting home walls

If you think this is a wallpaper! then you are mistaken, this is wall painting by father of the owner home an advertising creative from Manila. Needed expertise, skill and diligence and of course courage to painting it. Natural atmosphere with contrasting black lines with white as the background, the branches of trees without leaves, painted black with birds around it really makes the atmosphere of peace, not only that, look at the furniture, in harmony with the paintings on the wall, black and white with flat lines. A design inspired dining room is completely different. What about you, what would you paint for your dining room? via desire to inspire
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10 inspirational small dining room design

I found this 10 beautiful images of small dining room sets at amazing blog Home-designing, and I am interested to share with you all. I hope you also liked it and hope you get inspiration for decorating your small dining room into more elegant and more convenient to enjoy a meal with your beloved family. – via – home-designing
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