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Dining Room Table Sets – Diamante Dining Table from Ozzio Design

Diamante dining table is one of the best table collection of Ozzio Design. Designed as extendable dining table with mirror structure, glass top and glass sliding side extensions. This is one of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen. Simple contemporary lines yet elegant, very beautiful.

Description from Ozzio Design :
Diamante is an innovative table with an original essence. Almost a sculptural piece which becomes the protagonist of the contemporary living. Faceted and mirror-looking lines create super briliant surfaces, which acquire a futurist and distinctive personality.
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Simple “Stubborn” dining table by Davin Larkin

Design by Davin Larkin for Kooyong Design, this is Stubborn dining table. Simple table with a clean design to allow for a relaxed eating experience. The table is offered with either bench seating or individual stools or a mix if you desire. Please visit Kooyong Design site for further information. [image by: kooyong design]
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The beauty of flowers in a dining table – Elite collection

Designed by Carl Muller for Elite Manufacturing Company, this is Tulip contemporary dining table with features steel petals that curved oversized ½” thick beveled glass top. A Champagne-plated accent shelf adds a touch of sparkle, so elegant. This dining table is coordinate with any popular dining chairs from Elite, where steel frames are offered in Topaz, Onyx, Mocha, and Sienna. For more elegant dining table please visit Elite site. [image by: Elite]
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It is not a mirror – it is not a table, so what kind of this ?

If you’ve seen transformers movie where a lot robots transformed into a car and vice versa, you must be thinking how creative design of this table or mirror from Porada. I am also confused, I do not know how should to categorizes, mirror or table, okay let’s call it a mirror table or a table mirror, I am still confused …. Whatever kind of this, lets call it dining table, please if you have another opinion. Look at the picture below, a very creative design, you can fold it and then attach it to the wall then so be it a mirror. You want to make a dining table, simply place it on the floor get out the folds, it’s easy. – via – captivatist

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Modern in minimalist concept – ROY&PRIS Dining Set from LYX

NewsHouse-Table. If you are currently looking for a table for your dining room with modern minimalist concept, you would be interested in this set of dining table that is designed by Michael Malmborg for LYX Furniture and Light. This dining set is for people who don’t want to compromise when it comes to material, comfort, design, quality, both the size and the style makes a strong statement.
The Pris chairs are made with thick mirror polished aluminum frame and very generous upholstery. They are also available with or without armrests and with a low or high back. And the solid Roy table is extendable from 6 to 10 seats with ample of space for animated get-together’s (390 cm / 12.5 ft). The unique extension mechanism is seamless using the latest magnet technology.

EGO – Multifunctional dining table set from Baita Design

NewsHouse-Table. Designed with a very creative, using every interrupted the construction of a table. EGO, dining table from Baita Design is a dining table set with a difference that makes the most of idle space underneath, as the middle section of the table rises to store your plates, cutlery, napkins, fruits, flowers or whatever you want. The lower section of the table comprises a closet with drawers to keep what you want, while a number of shelves store wines and other beverages alongside. Finished in Corian, wood and transparent acrylic, the dining table accompanies some simple lines chairs to complete the set, which brings lightness to the entire unit. This table is suitable for those of you who have limited space in the dining room, or you can bring it to your small apartment. – via – The Design Blog

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Natural dining room furniture sets from Horm

Designed by Toyo Ito for Horm. This dining room furniture sets made from wood and available in walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak and ash. Despite the natural surface, it seems quite modern and has been able to adapt to any modern environment. And although it’s looks stiff, but this dining room furniture sets offer a comfortable seat and add a personal touch to its owner. With this dining room funiture sets you can create a room with a perfect natural atmosphere.

Enjoy the picture below and for further detail specification you should visit Horm site.

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Indonesia’s inspiration dining table set, La Maison Coloniale collection

Mix Dining and Angkor Dining Set Ambiance is two dining set collection from La Maison Coloniale. Mix dining set made with solid ancient recycled teak, tenon and mortise assembly, metal structure, polyurethane foam seat upholstered with leather and covered with 100 % cotton fabric. The Angkor dining set made with teak and unrolled bamboo, shellac lacquer with hand-rubbed varnish finish. Please take a look for dining table design from some inspirational picture below, and for further detail you should visit La Maison Coloniale.

MIX Dining Set Ambiance from La Maison Coloniale
Indonesia's furniture dining table set from La Maison Coloniale

ANGKOR Dining Set Ambiance from La Maison Coloniale
Indonesia's furniture dining table set from La Maison Coloniale