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Modern Extendable Dining Table plans from Iohanna Pani

Extendable Dining Table

This is Hostis, a modern extendable dining table from Iohanna Pani, the set are include a folding table, a chair and a broom-cloth hanger. Hostis table can be folded in three different state: closed-for four people-, opened -for eight people- and “intermediate state” -when a kind of centerpiece is formed. read more »

Dining Room Table Sets – Diamante Dining Table from Ozzio Design

Diamante dining table is one of the best table collection of Ozzio Design. Designed as extendable dining table with mirror structure, glass top and glass sliding side extensions. This is one of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen. Simple contemporary lines yet elegant, very beautiful.

Description from Ozzio Design :
Diamante is an innovative table with an original essence. Almost a sculptural piece which becomes the protagonist of the contemporary living. Faceted and mirror-looking lines create super briliant surfaces, which acquire a futurist and distinctive personality.
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3 modern expandable dining tables, Hülsta collection – wooden materials

Here are three new modern expandable dining tables from Hülsta, ET 1500, ET 1400 and ET 1000 plus models. All of them are made in the minimalist style which is characteristic for this German company. The first model ET 1500 stands out from two others by its sculptural shape and original base. The base is quite big, but provides ample legroom. If you prefer more traditional dining tables with 4 legs then ET 1000 plus or ET 1400 could become a stylish centerpiece of your modern dining room. All these tables are available in various finishes so could suit for any interior design. Although they look the most effective in a natural wood finish. These 3 modern tables have comfortable and very practical top constructions, which allow to easily expand them. Take a look and pick one that you like for your dining room. [image by: Hülsta] – via – DD
For further detail specification you should visit Hülsta site.

ET 1000 Plus

ET 1400

ET 1500
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