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Babylone Design Fireplace by Stephane Perruchon

This bio ethanol fireplace has a sleek design, very unique with a modern twist. Here is some information from Stephane Perruchon about this fireplace; “….This fireplace also very airy design (for use in a ventilated room) offers the possibility of its design, to be installed horizontally or vertically … depending on your mood or simply your home. The support of the burner is simply suspended from the structure small steel cable which can be of different geometric shape (rectangular, square, cylindrical, pyramidal, hexagonal …) while using the same burner and media for economies of production and storage.” Take a look. [image by: stephaneperruchon]
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Globe fireplace from Vauni – designed for optimal viewing angle and flexibility

If you’re looking for fireplace to your modern livingroom, perhaps this product from Vauni could be a consideration. This is Globe fireplace, cool bio-fueled fireplaces with chimney-free foot that can be turned 360 degrees for optimal viewing angle and flexibility, Globe requires no installation, so it’s easy to place and move anywhere in your home. The liner is available in two exclusive finishes: cast iron and polished black granite. – via – TD
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Lets “BURN” your Coffee Table – modern furniture fireplaces collection from Planika Fires

Designed by Christoper Piller for Planika Fires and by Planika Fires, internationally recognized brand in coffee tables with built-in fireplace. This is modern furniture fireplaces with real fire which use FANOLA bio-fuel from Planika Fires. A coffee table with real fire the unique concept. Traditional sitting room with a fireplace, built-in cabinetry, overstuffed sofa and footstool, wooden coffee table, and roman blinds over a bay window stock. The fuel produce no smoke or odor what makes it perfect as for outdoors as for indoors furniture. They make not only classic free standing or wall mounted fireplaces but also coffee tables with built-in fireplaces. Coffee table from this collection are not only practical but also allows us to enjoy the ambience of fire. So what did you waiting for, lets “burn” your coffee table. For further detail specification please visit Planika Fires site. – via – best design news

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