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White elegant Flower Vase by Ilona Huvenaars

flower vases

Designed by Ilona Huvenaars and Willem Derks, Knitted Vase is designed with a flexible neck for easy arrangement of flower stalk. Knitted on the top looks sexy in white color, elegantly wrapping the flower stalk.

From designers:
The Knitted Vase will adapt to the single beautiful rose or a bunch of wildflowers instead of the other way around. The flowers determine the shape and the flexible neck will seamlessly wrap itself around them. Just like the snug fit of a finely knitted sweater.
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Beautiful polaroid flower vase by Jung Hwa Jin – feel natural freshness in your room

Designed by Jung Hwa Jin, this is Polaroid Flower Vase, a small planter that recalls the nostalgic form of polaroid. The planter is suspended with a clothespin on the end of a cord, with a small embedded lamp illuminating its subject. via core77

Beautiful, the simplicity of its design to be superior for this vase. Our dream to have it, then we will put on the terrace of our house. Feel the natural freshness on the terrace of our house.
See closer.
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