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Say with furniture?

Express something with furniture may be feel a little bit strange, but I’m sure this will become something great. For that, designer Tabisso has created the Communicative Furniture with shape in any letters from A to Z and any numbers from 0 to 9. The furniture includes chairs, lamps, and other types of furniture. So, whatever you want to express, Communicative Furniture can help you.


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Wavy Shelf to express the beautifulness of space division

The wavy shelf from Sang Hoon Kim is designed to express the beautifulness of space division. The designer gave the geometrically vertical and horizontal divisions to composed of seemingly unstable curves, in order to make the audiences feel stability from an instable furniture.

First saw it, I immediately remembered with the amazing cabinet by Ontwerpduo that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland below, but this is something different.

Wavy Shelf by Sang Hoon Kim

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Wooden Heap unique hidden storage by Switzerland designer Boris Dennler

Switzerland designer Boris Dennler has designed Wooden Heap, unique hidden storage. According to the designer, the Wooden Heap project wants to invite the public to see beyond appearances. Create the unexpected and the surprise. Remove any traces of furniture which hides inside. It makes reference to the radical designers of the movement of the anti-design of the 70?s. It is also a wink from all the objects since the antiquity that hide their real function: the sham, the misleading appearance, as a hollowed out book hiding a weapon or a tip-up wall looking onto a secret passage. Further detail and prices please visit Boris Dennler website.

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Outdoor Furniture by Edwin Blue

Outdoor Furniture

Rise from Edwin Blue is series of concepts in furniture design that suitable for a diverse array of outdoor living needs. Design concept combining aesthetic form, dynamic function and sustainability, the Rise collection unifies tenants of modern design principals with conscientious construction. read more »

Rubik’s Cube puzzle Game be a Furniture – ideas from Clab4design

You must still remember Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle that was very successful in the ’80s. But have you ever imagined if this puzzle game is designed to be a furniture. This idea came from clab4design. Clab4design designed Rubik’s cube in its container version, as a furnishing and design item. Made from MDF (catalyzed wood fibers, ideal for coloring and quite stable), grooved so as to reproduce the effect of nine cubes per side. Each side is painted with the original cube colors. Incredible idea.

The door can be opened on touch, using just a little pressure. The hinges are aluminium, while the spring mechanism is provided by Blumm. The 4 steel feet are 2 cm tall. The Rubik’s cube container is an atypical piece of furniture for our standards, since it is not made of natural materials and finishes, although the MDF is FSC certified.[clab4design]

So where did this idea come from. The following is the story from Clab4design :
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Leather sofas collection from La Vie Furniture

Already quite a large collection of sofa that we present to you, sofas from europe to asia, all offer high quality sofa with various designs. However, our message, we hope you spend your money more wisely for the best sofa according to taste and design the room you want.

On post this time, we present collection of sofas from Toronto, La Vie Furniture. La Vie Furniture has a range of modern contemporary sofa design that will bring your house or condo a modern taste. One sofa that caught our attention is, sectional sofa that can change chaise at both sides to fit your living room and when you needed, it can also convert to a full size bed.[La Vie Furniture]

Take a look. Choose the best one for your home interior design. Please visit La Vie Furniture site for futher information.
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Table design with modern lines by Martin Ballendat

Designed by Martin Ballendat for Team 7, this is Magnum table. Simple minimalist table with modern lines, complete with chairs that designed with contrast color from the table, but this is what gives an elegant impression on this Magnum table. Available with various options, oak, cherry, walnut and beech core. read more »

Buffet from EmmeBi Design – inspiration for your interior decorating

What you want to put to the corner of your room?
Exactly once, a sideboard / buffet. Most people prefer a contemporary classic colors for their furniture, but try to be a little different, try taking the light colors, colors that stand out with a modern twist. Simple lines suited to the modern minimalist concept for your home interior.

How, if you are already imagining the design for your home? possible this furniture from EmmeBi Design can inspire you to design your interior with a new concept.
Take a look.
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