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Patio furniture and designs inspiration – do the best for best patio design

What type patio designs that you dream of? any patio design you want! you should design your home patio as comfortable as possible. Make yourself can relax, entertain you, feel comfortable or even cooking in there. Also consider furniture for your patio, and materials you’ll use, you can use the concrete, pavers, stone, tile, brick, pebbles, rocks or gravel.

Some of the following patio design we found from the site furnishism.com, site about home improvement. Patio design complete with furniture for your inspiration.
Take a look.
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Table design with modern lines by Martin Ballendat

Designed by Martin Ballendat for Team 7, this is Magnum table. Simple minimalist table with modern lines, complete with chairs that designed with contrast color from the table, but this is what gives an elegant impression on this Magnum table. Available with various options, oak, cherry, walnut and beech core. read more »

Redecorate your home furnishings with “Rock and Love” – Home textiles by Maison de Vacances

If you feel bored with your bedroom sheets, or perhaps bored with replacement sofa cushions which decorate your living room. So here is the solution, the new home textiles collection for 2010 by Maison de Vacances which comes with combination of Rock and Love. Most of the collections used metallic color, which gives all round brilliance.

Take a look, make sure you do not either choose to decorate your home furnishings, this “Rock and Love” concept certainly be able to give different shades for your life. So let’s start imagine and rock your love.
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Functional shelf – wall mounting bracket design by Tuyo Design Studio – Boa Shelf

Designed by Pal Jacobsen and Margarita Garcia for Norway manufacturer, Tuyo Design Studio, this is Boa Shelf. We could call this is a combination of shelf and functional storage space. Designers utilize pressed wood and felt as the main material. Look at the results, there is a unique-shaped shelf, but look at it from different sides, felt function to creates a mechanism for wall mounting bracket.
Take a look.
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Wolfgang Keyboard Bench – eco friendly bench from keyboard

Designed by Nolan Herbut, here is Wolfgang Keyboard Bench, made of unused qwerty keyboard. All a-z key can be found here, this is the idea of environmentally friendly, utilizing scrap for recycling into useful furniture, we feel that every designer needs to imitate the idea. I really applaud the selection of materials this bench, but what about comfort? it seems you should try to find out the answer.
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Mercedes 8 Coupe become a bed ! are you sure ?

Have you ever thought of sleeping on Mercedes 8 Coupe ! well, a luxurious car in the era. Then what would happen if 8 Coupe (W115) transformed into a bed ?
And here are the answers. The bed made out of Mercedes 8 Coupe (W115) features under hood lighting, headlights and turn signals, headlight wiper/wash system (without function), reading lamps, upholstered headboard, 1 / 2 Aluflegen, lying 2,00 x 1,80 m and so on. Look, Luxury and elegance of Mercedes continues to be felt. via hometone
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