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Pebble table by Matthias Demacker – openings table give multifunction aspect

Designed by Matthias Demacker for Bonaldo, this Pebble, table that inspired by stones washed smooth by the sea or a river. According to the thedesignblog.org; present smooth curves with openings in its body to highlight the floating lines. The openings on the design of this table in addition to adding aesthetic also has multifunctional aspect, you can save your favorite items such as magazines, comics, novels or other books to yours small accessories. via thedesignblog
Take a look.
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The Lounger chair from Jaime Hayón, designed for Showtime BD Barcelona

The Lounger is an elegant and comfortable wing chair with one-colour finishes and optional footrest. The Lounger chair designed by Jaime Hayón, Madrid artist designer who instinctively blurs the lines between art, decoration and design. Designed for his Showtime Collection for BD Barcelona, the Lounger chair completed with a new piece which will also satisfy those who have more classical tastes. [hayonstudio]
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Wolfgang Keyboard Bench – eco friendly bench from keyboard

Designed by Nolan Herbut, here is Wolfgang Keyboard Bench, made of unused qwerty keyboard. All a-z key can be found here, this is the idea of environmentally friendly, utilizing scrap for recycling into useful furniture, we feel that every designer needs to imitate the idea. I really applaud the selection of materials this bench, but what about comfort? it seems you should try to find out the answer.
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Multifunctional home furnishing by Phillip Don – ‘Stand Up’ collection

One again, the design of furniture that can be transformed into other useful home furnishings. Designed by Phillip Don here is ‘Stand Up’ furniture sets, transformable chairs, tables made out of wooden bars can fold up or down in the back to create form other chair designs. You can repositioning the vertical wooden bars, and look its become book shelf. Take a look, we felt that this multifunctional furniture is perfect for those of you who live in small apartments with limited space.
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Sofa and chairs set by Luca Trazzi – Arena Collection, Milan 2010

Designed by Luca Trazzi for Italian manufacturer Schönhuber Franchi, this is Arena Collection, beautiful sofa and chairs set, features sofas and chairs made from bent wood. Arena Collection exhibited in Salone del Mobile, Milan 2010. This is an interesting indoor seating collection that would go great with wooden wall finishes or stone decorative elements. Equipped with a sofa cushion, Arena Collection ready to pamper you.
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Boxing Sofa from Tobias Franzel for those of you who like boxing

Designed by Tobias Franzel, this is a very unique sofa, for the first time we met, very creative. It seems that this sofa is designed for those of you who like sports boxing, take a look. via

image by : Tobias Franzel

Gustavsberg bathtub design by Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio trying to assures the bathtub to become a natural part of the interior through “Gustavsberg” bathtub design. Bathtub that designed by using the standard measurements of tiles when designing the tub front, designer took well known and accepted measurements that will continue exist for a long time in bathrooms and integrated in the design. [notedesignstudio]
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Naked Chair design by Outofstock Design – uses its structure as its aesthetic

Designed by Outofstock Design, this is “Naked Chair”, an extremely lightweight chair that uses its structure as its aesthetic. The strength of this chair is due to action-reaction forces between the folded steel sheets and beech wood frame. It alsoflat packs in transportation and can be assembled without tools, resulting in a very low carbon foot-print. Take a look, please visit Outofstock site for furhter information. [outofstock]
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