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Key holder wall – hold your keys while you’re home

This key holder is comes with a very strong magnet, its funny, interesting, and easily mounted on any wall to hold your keys while you’re home. This product called “Cloud”.

key holder wall

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Magnetic Key Holder : Key Pete

Key Holder

Comes with 6.5 cm x 7 cm x 5.5 cm in dimensions, Key Pete is a cute Magnetic Key Holder. Equipped with extra strong magnets, it will stick to any metal surface and hold your keys securely. It features a little colored man that can hold up to 30 keys at time. To hold up the keys, all you can do is just place the holder on the fridge or on any metal surface and it will be able to hold up keys. The key holder is made of plastic and if you see, it has a funny form that looks like a little man scaling a wall with suckers. – modresdes.

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