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Fresh kitchen colors ideas from Ged Cucine

kitchen ideas colors

Argento Vivo kitchen from Italian kitchen manufacturer Ged Cucine is a fresh kitchen designs with white, silver, yellow, royal blue and a royal green available colors. The kitchen has slim, minimalist and straight lines in shape. Argento Vivo is one of the best collections of their kitchen design, find more detailed info on Ged Cucine website.

Varied designs and colors will allows you to adjust your kitchen without need many adjustments. This is one way of efforts to save your money in decorating kitchen area.

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Stosa Cucine kitchen offers all requirements in kitchen area

The Milly kitchen from Stosa Cucine offers solutions for all requirements from the kitchen area. This kitchen is joins to the Look System programme. It’s characterised by a new modularity which makes it flexible and ideal with modular range with the 72-cm height base unit and 2-cm thick door.

What makes us impressed is the glass fittings for the wall cabinets, ranging from transparent glass to florally decorated glass, smooth or panelled coloured glass or the two new smoked glass versions with silver or extra-white satin-finish edging.

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Geothermal House design by Maryann Thompson Architects – designed to relate the interior spaces to the adjacent landscape

Designed by Maryann Thompson Architects, Geothermal House was designed to relate the interior spaces to the adjacent landscape occupying the space between the ground and the tree canopy.
Below is a detailed excerpt Geothermal House from Maryann Thompson:
The house is conceived as a series of horizontal planes that terrace along the edge of a south-facing hill above a pond. The arrangement of the guest wing, main living spaces and bedroom wing, which wrap along the hill’s crest, is a response to the topography, solar orientations and views beyond. From the entry courtyard, the low profile of the house and selective openings through the facade allow for a playful hide and reveal of the landscape without dominating the site. read more »

Bungalow Renovation “Fairview Residence” in Cincinnati Design by Terry Boling Architects


From the architects “This house is an addition and renovation of an existing bungalow in Fairview Height, near the University of Cincinnati Campus. The prominent feature of the site is a spectacular view of he entire Ohio River Valley from East to West. To capitalize on this condition, a new 2 storey addition was added to the rear of the existing house. The addition maximizes allowable height and area by building above the overhang line of the existing structure. The new construction is clad in shingled, copper panels that will be allowed to patina naturally. New window openings are also framed and clad in copper. The South facade will have an external sun and privacy screen composed of sliding, perforatd copper panels. The enclosed spaces on the first floor are detailed like free standing furniture : The kitchen area is lined in stainless steel and custom cast concrete work surface, while the bathroom is lined with limestone and clad with birdseye maple plywood.”

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Residence House Design in Suburbs Cincinnati by Terry Boling Architects

Wyoming Residence House by Terry Boling Architecture

From the architects “This project involves the transformation of an existing 1940s era bungalow in the suburbs of Cincinnati. The first phase consists of a new bedroom and bath accupying the former gabled roof space. The addition is connected th the main floor by a new light-well and stair to provide vertical circulation and light into the core of the existing house. Phase two is a ground floor addition containing Living, Dining, Kitchen, and support spaces. All work was desined by the architect and constructed by the architect with teams comprised of architecture students. The concrete foundation and structural frame for the ground floor addition was subcontracted, along wiyh rough plumbing, HVAC, and rough electrical.”

Wyoming Residence House by Terry Boling Architecture
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Lake House Moorresville by FdM Architects

From the architects “A guest house addition connects to an existing lake house via a covered walkway. The split level guest house has two bedrooms and a living, dining, and kitchen area.”

Lake House Moorresville by FdM Architects