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Kitchen design apartment in contemporary style

Designed by Mal Corboy, this contemporary kitchen is designed for penthouse apartment belonging to their client. Designer used Stat Vein Marble and Stainless Steel to provide strong mono chromatic look to the kitchen.

Kitchen design apartment

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Fresh kitchen colors ideas from Ged Cucine

kitchen ideas colors

Argento Vivo kitchen from Italian kitchen manufacturer Ged Cucine is a fresh kitchen designs with white, silver, yellow, royal blue and a royal green available colors. The kitchen has slim, minimalist and straight lines in shape. Argento Vivo is one of the best collections of their kitchen design, find more detailed info on Ged Cucine website.

Varied designs and colors will allows you to adjust your kitchen without need many adjustments. This is one way of efforts to save your money in decorating kitchen area.

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Kitchen Design from Stosa

kitchen cabinets

This Stosa’s kitchen design can add your inspiration in decorating the kitchen. The main concept of this kitchen is something that contrasts with the asymmetric shape. Kitchen cabinets with an unusual shape to take advantage of storage and style. Design collection comes with a wide selection of colors and in natural wooden finish. Please visit Stosa site for further detail. read more »

Modern Kitchen Ideas with bright colorful design for Beach House by Kim Duffin

Modern Kitchen Ideas

The bright colorful modern kitchen has been designed by Australian kitchen designer Kim Duffin for beach houses. This concept is a requested by his client who desired a “funky vibrant kitchen space” for their modern home. And Kim Duffin has managed to make it happen, a kitchen with full-color, sleek, cheerful, and sophisticated. read more »

Contemporary kitchen furniture sets from In House Design

Established in 1997 by partners Philip Nolan and Fred Frazer who have combined experience of over 40 years in the kitchen design business. In House Design have a large portfolio of Kitchens, Fitted Bedroom Furniture and Fitted Office/Study Furniture. And here are some examples of kitchen furniture design from In House Design. Kitchen furnitures from In House Design designed with a contemporary modern concept, a combination of wood, metal and marble, produce a beautiful and functional kitchen furniture sets.
Take a look.
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How to take advantage of unused space in small apartment became more functional? Idea from LOGOS

How to take advantage of unused small space into a functional room? at this time we give examples design from Logos, about how to take advantage of unused space in a small apartment to be used as a kitchen, although small but all the kitchen needs are within them. A new idea of the Logos to a small apartment on the beach belongs to Helena. According to the logoscoop.com an official Logos site;
A novel idea was to choose a kitchen hidden behind folding doors. The chosen solution did not make the kitchen into a feature, but added to the atmosphere of the rest of the house. This did not mean that the space was cramped or not functional as, despite being small, it had everything needed for a full kitchen. This kitchen therefore easily and discretely fitted in with the rest of the house, and can be left open or closed as Helena wants and with a special touch of originality and freshness thanks to the layered red and orange gloss colours.
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Outdoor kitchen design – for barbeques or whatever you like

If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen design for your patio or your backyard, wherever the place, any type of cuisine, whether it be barbeques (BBQ) or whatever, you shall see this kitchen design. You certainly will not be disappointed.
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4 New kitchen models from Warendorf by Philippe Starck

Designed by Philippe Starck for german kitchen manufacturer Miele DIE KÜCHE that was rebranded itself as Warendorf. Here are four new kitchen models which was introduced to help introduce their new brand name : The Tower Kitchen, The Primary Kitchen, The Library Kitchen and The Duality Kitchen.
Information from Warendorf about their new kitchen models is after the jump.
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