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Contemporary kitchen furniture sets from In House Design

Established in 1997 by partners Philip Nolan and Fred Frazer who have combined experience of over 40 years in the kitchen design business. In House Design have a large portfolio of Kitchens, Fitted Bedroom Furniture and Fitted Office/Study Furniture. And here are some examples of kitchen furniture design from In House Design. Kitchen furnitures from In House Design designed with a contemporary modern concept, a combination of wood, metal and marble, produce a beautiful and functional kitchen furniture sets.
Take a look.
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Accordion Folding Kitchen Table – solution for small kitchens

Designed by Olga Kalugina here is Accordion Folding Kitchen Table. A modular kitchen with sneaky little triangular drawers popping out from the folds of the table, sliding counter tops, ample storage units and its cool design all speak out for the inimitability of the design. It’s sort of a transformer table, morphing from a simple table into the ultimate countertop. Neat little triangular drawers can pop out of the sides of the table when needed. Accordion Folding Kitchen Table is creative innovation for you that are looking for modular kitchens to fit in your small room. read more »

Ekokook, smart kitchen innovation from Faltazi

This Eco Kitchen designed by Faltazi with four main based components: waste management, food health, reduce energy consumption, and intelligent storage. Completed with several modules for distribution, processing and storage of organic solid and liquid wastes, and also built-in dishwasher, steam oven, refrigerators. read more »

Black or White – Kitchen design ideas

In the previous post titled Be fresh be healthy, with healthy kitchen, there are collection of kitchen design with bright colors from Mint Value Kitchen. In this post I will give you inspiration for the opposite colors from the Mint Value kitchen design. It’s Mobalpa, French kitchen maker who tries to combine black and white on their kitchen design, simple but elegant enigmatic be own characteristic. It takes a good eye for combining these two colors to make it look dynamic and elegant. Here are pictures of kitchen design in black and white combination from Mobalpa, hopefully can inspire you in designing the kitchen.

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Be fresh be healthy, with healthy kitchen

Fresh and clean kitchen looks from the picture below, the kitchen design from Mint Value Kitchen selecting bright colors are not like the kitchen in general, bright green, red, beige and white dominates the kitchen room, there are also brown colors but not a lot just as a sweetener. Furniture such as kitchen cabinets designed in minimalist without losing the function of the kitchen itself, a chimney is the main condition for a healthy kitchen criterion, also note how their placement so that smoke can be completely wasted.

Be fresh be healthy, with healthy kitchen.

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Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars

Hi all, last night I tried to find ideas for writing to this newshousedesign blog , and I found a collection of classical kitchen style from Russian manufactures, Giulia Novars-via-homehousedesign. Giulia Novars is a Russian company that makes custom manufactures wood shutters, antique cabinetry and kitchen storage cabinet doors for kitchen classic high quality and designs. And here’s the luxury classical kitchen design ideas photos from Giulia Novars, enjoy it and get ideas to decorating your kitchen, but remember to always consider your budget not to exceed the budget that you specify 🙂 …..

Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars
Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars read more »