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Creative kitchen designs by Lago – you’ll never get bored in the kitchen

Bright, cheerful colors, tables and cabinets are expressed in a variety of colors. This creative kitchen designs are designed by Lago, display cheerfulness and variety of storage solutions in the form of pullout draws, cabinets and pantries. Balanced on clear inserts or mounted on the wall, these designs give the impression that they are hovering off the floor. via trendir

Lago designing this kitchen not only as a place to cook, but as the room which will be frequently used at home, you can work in this kitchen or just accompany cooking. Look at this creative kitchen designs, we are confident you will never get bored in the kitchen.
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Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars

Hi all, last night I tried to find ideas for writing to this newshousedesign blog , and I found a collection of classical kitchen style from Russian manufactures, Giulia Novars-via-homehousedesign. Giulia Novars is a Russian company that makes custom manufactures wood shutters, antique cabinetry and kitchen storage cabinet doors for kitchen classic high quality and designs. And here’s the luxury classical kitchen design ideas photos from Giulia Novars, enjoy it and get ideas to decorating your kitchen, but remember to always consider your budget not to exceed the budget that you specify 🙂 …..

Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars
Classical kitchen style from Giulia Novars read more »