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Tree torchiere Floor Lamp by Werner Aisslinger

floor lamp

This is Tree torchiere floor lamp by Werner Aisslinger, this lamp was designed for Spanish company Dab. Tree comes with solid shade that is artfully sliced to allow light to permeate and illuminate the room. Wherever you put it, in the living room, learning room or a pair bedside, this floor lamp will look great. On the outside, the modern black or white lacquered finishes are modern and the whole lamp carries marquee openings which cut through the lamp’s interior which is painted gold to shed off some lighting. Further detail please visit Dab site. via {trendir} read more »

Italian Lamp Shades – Icon Lamp design from V12 Design

Description from designer :
Icon owes its strong personality to its distinctive shape and to the juxtaposition of opaque and transparent materials. Icon is a large decorative lamp and I’m particularly pleased with the way the light projected by its own light source interacts with it: the vast opalescent disc on the bottom side of the lamp enhances the quality of the light emission and the glass ribbon creates an elegant ring of light that brings together the heart of Icon with the external environment. It is a precious light manufactured with a great deal of accuracy, beautifully finished with its liquid painted spun metal parts, seamlessly joined with pressed glass and plexiglass details. [Valerio Cometti]
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When lights fell in love with table – Grow Up Light – Table by Kwon Jae Min

Creative ideas always come for a furniture design. And this time the idea came from Kwon Jae Min by combining lamp and table. Grow Up Light – Table, creative designs instantly retrieve materials from nature, buffer legs resemble tree branches that are mushrooming. Beautiful.

So, where we need to put it, we think this furniture is perfect for the interior with a minimalist concept.
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3 New wood veneer lamps from Marcelo Dabini – exhibition at ICFF 2010

Marcelo Dabini an Argentinian designer has exhibiting three of his wood veneer lamps; Clarissa Grande, Lora Grande and Emilia Grande at ICFF 2010. Beautiful design, we really love this amazing design, looks natural yet elegance. We briefly recalled the shape of lanterns light from Japan, but this is something different.

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Oshibe lights that can play sound, has light and entertains you

WOW… we never imagined it was a lamp. Designers Tomomi Sayuda gave the name of this lamp, Oshibe, which in Japanese means stamen inspired by other optimistic elements of life: eggs, plants, light and the moon. This is a playful interactive lighting sculpture. When you put eggs on stamens, Oshibe plays tender ambient sounds and lights up. Each stamen plays a different sound. The sounds change according to the number and position of the eggs.[Tomomi Sayuda]
Take a look.
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Table lamps with Japanese-style ornaments by Davin Larkin

Davin Larkin has designed a lamp called “table lamp, mood lighting”. Designed with Japanese style, this lamp comes with a minimalist design, we love the beautiful ornaments that were presented by designer into this lamp, very elegant. The following are description about this lamp by designer, we are confident you will be more fall in love with this lamp after reading it. read more »

Edda, standing lamps design by Daniel Becker

Designed by Daniel Becker, this is Edda a functional family of lights which stand out through contrasting materials. Conical shades made of painted steel house most commercially available CFL bulbs invisibly. Large conical with slim roller stay, but still impressed strong with fundamental support base made of concrete, so that provides stability and creates an optically and tactilely unfamiliar character in the working or living space.[Daniel Becker]
Take a look.
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The new “Queen” family crystal light from MICRON

Elena Liziero from MICRON has sent us their new product light design. MICRON is manufacturer of indoors lighting with ideas that combine the stylistic influences of international design with the most elegant formal and chromatic trends of a typically Italian design.
And this the latest products from MICRON, “Queen” light, a crystal light with a chrome structure with rings available on many colours: crystal and red, amber, black and purple. According to MICRON, “Queen” family is made up of hanging, wall, table and floor lamps. The medium hanging model, with 4 rings and 44 cm of diameter, and the floor lamp, are compatible with energy saving bulbs. The two bigger hanging lamps (with 60 and 80 cm diameters) have a sparkling crystal-set nucleus with a crown of small low tension alogen bulbs. Please visit MICRON site for further information.
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