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Comfortable Leather Egg Form Chair by Kenji Miyamukai

Another furniture design inspiration from the shape of eggs, is Kenji Miyamukai, the Japanese designer who has created Egg Form Chair. A comfortable leather chair made of a special leather and Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP). This combination has been adopted to the seat side structure and gives a third curved surface with comfort. It has a profound size, but its overall weight is quite light. {Kenji Miyamukai}

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Leather Kurven Chair by Cody Stonerock – between ergonomics and comfort

Designed by Cody Stonerock an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati, here is Kurven Chair. Designer takes time to design and construct a chair in 10 weeks, full scale visual model was made to check proportions intended to create a functional model to check the ergonomics and comfort. Five fiber board male/female jigs were constructed to laminate 1/8” sheets of wood into their final bent ply forms. The leather seat can easily be attached or detached from the chair. The leather is sewn on each end into loops. The loops are attached by being placed throughslots in the wood and anchored with a dowel rod. This allows for easy assembly and disassembly as well as multiple seat material options. The leather is backed with a canvas material to prevent stretching. This beautiful leather chair seat….[image by: codystonerock]
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Modern armchair R 15, ride to rest you in comfort

NewsHouse-Chair. R 15, at first glance sounds like a name of plane or a sports car in Formula 1, but this is not name of plane or a sports car, it’s name of a chair, design idea from Redo Studio. The chair is intended for luxurious apartment interior or house with modern concept. Chairs are available in variety of colors, so it is easy to integrate in almost any room. Made with high-quality materials, wide shape and deep like an inflatable seat sofa, completed with furniture features broad armrests to ensure your comfortable. Are you like it? – via – The Design Blog
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Gaivota – New leather armchair for 2010

Gaivota chair has finished designed by Ricardo Fasanello for Etel Interiors. Elegant curve with splendid leather and integrated armrests is presented makes Gaivota become a modern armchair. The Gaivota features is a wide seat and made of luxurious leather which offers you smooth and sleek design, completed with spotless stitch lines and loveable color. With 83 x 105 x 62 inches Gaivota chair fit for small or large space… For further detail please visit Etel Interiors.

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