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Berlin’s rooftop apartments design by Iris Steinbeck Architekten

Situated near the river Spree in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Iris Steinbeck Architekten succeeded in realizing the desire of a businesswoman internationally active in the field of lifestyle and sustainable development to redecorate the rooftop apartment as a private residence became more comfortable.

Iris Steinbeck Architekten presents the modern classic ambience to this rooftop apartment. White color for the furniture stood in contrast with warm brown tones of wood flooring. Fireplace be center point of the living room, add warm atmosphere to this modern classic rooftop apartments design. Further detail please see the picture below.

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Redecorate your home furnishings with “Rock and Love” – Home textiles by Maison de Vacances

If you feel bored with your bedroom sheets, or perhaps bored with replacement sofa cushions which decorate your living room. So here is the solution, the new home textiles collection for 2010 by Maison de Vacances which comes with combination of Rock and Love. Most of the collections used metallic color, which gives all round brilliance.

Take a look, make sure you do not either choose to decorate your home furnishings, this “Rock and Love” concept certainly be able to give different shades for your life. So let’s start imagine and rock your love.
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Furniture collection from Riva – unique design with solid cedar wood

With the innovation and creativity of top designers, RIVA has resulted in original collections where practicality and aesthetics meet in a rare balance and are evident in the attention to detail. Quality of materials, strictly reforested timber and preferably solid timber, quality of production employing skilled, craft finishes, ad hoc fixtures and fittings, natural oil and wax based treatments and design quality make RIVA’s products be best in its class. Here is some furniture from RIVA that made from solid cedar wood, very unique design, classic impressed but extremely suited to your modern living room. Please visit RIVA site for more furniture collection.

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Globe shiny glass coffee table – steel sphere support

Globe is a glass coffee table from Cattelan Italia, shiny glass supported with steel sphere underneath, really beautiful, perfect for your living room, it’s would also become center of attention from every person. Amazing, this Globe table is available here. – via – homedit

Luxurious interior photo from Brandon Barré – get the inspiration

The following is a photo collection of interior design from Brandon Barré, take a look and you will find amazing interior picture, the angle of the picture makes every room can visible with the details. The living room, dining room to the kitchen looked amazing, this collection brings together amazing and inspiring designs. Please enjoy the luxury photos from professional photographer, we hope can inspiring you in designing your home interior. Thank’s to Brandon Barré and Desiretoinspire.

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18 New sofa collection from Circulo Muebles

NewsHouse-Sofa. The living room can reflect the character of the house owner, selection and arrangement of furniture and color selection on the interior walls is a reflection of the characteristics of inhabitants.
If a black or dark brown is not your choice, you can choose the white color for your family room. Rests on a chrome metal legs, with leather on it looks simple, but filled with modern approaches. Colors of furniture is very good to create more living space, if necessary you can also add a cushion with a striking color to match with this sofa. Sofas Circulo Muebles collection using only the best quality ingredients to ensure you get the best comfort.

Take a look, pick one that you like, for further detail specification and prices you should visit Circulo Muebles site.

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Creative extendable coffee table with sliding leaves

This is coffee table from Sculptures-jeux that offer ideal solution for those limit space on their dining room or living room. Most of the table have large rectangular extendable table with bicolor reversible sliding leaves, solid wood structure, top surface in laminate of various color. Every corner of this table you can exploit, you can brings six to eight of your buddies to enjoy a coffee together in this creative table.

Comes with creative design, colorful and fun, this table really be the ideal solution for those of you who have limited space. Take a look.

For further detail specification please visit Scultures-jeux site.

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Hollywood Hills Residence Design by Griffin Enright Architects

Situated in hillside Hollywood, this house was designed by Griffin Enright Architects. This house created with open living spaces to take advantage of the intimate exterior of the house. The living room, dining room and kithcen area are opens up to a front court, while the library begins to step up the hill to feel like a room with in a room. In the roof there are garden that affords views of Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Hollywood Hills Residence Design by Griffin Enright ArchitectsHollywood Hills Residence by Griffin Enright Architects
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