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Master bedroom decorate inspiration from Meg Braff Interiors

Meg Braff born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi and begin her career at Ellen McCloskey & Associates and Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Inc. In the fall of 1994 Meg founding Meg Braff Interiors, Inc, Meg has established herself as both an elegant Manhattan designer with eclectic and beautiful style as well as the go-to designer for snappy chic resort decorating.

Here are some bedroom decorating photos which Newshousedesign choose from some of the decor by Meg Braff Interiors. Some of the following decorations can be an inspiration to decorate the master bedroom, please see! Please visit Meg Braff Interiors site for more interior decorating ideas.
Take a look.
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Contemporary house renovation by SSH

Contemporary house renovation by SSH

SSH renovate this house, including the section or field : complete transformation of building additional structure, including master bedroom, barrel-vaulted copper roof and east wing extension, re-rendering and cladding of exterior. Further info from SSH after the picture.

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Tsai Residence a Countryhouse Design by HHF Architects

Tsai Residence a Countyhouse Design by HHF Architects

From the architects “The Tsai Residence is a countryhouse designed for two young art collectors. The design reflects their request for a simple and abstract looking piece, almost without scale sitting on top of the site, which is located two hours upstate from New York City.”

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Greene Street Loft – Interior Design by SLADE Architects in New York

Greene Street Loft house located in New York City, New York and was designed by SLADE Architects. This some some pict Greene Street Loft house by SLADE Architects.

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Belyea-Faigin Residence by Johnston Architects

belyea-faigin residence by johnston architects

Story from the architects : “Perched on the border between Ballard and Phinney Ridge, the Belyea Faigin residence works hard. It is the studio of artist Gary Faigin, home for Gary, his wife Pamela Belyea and their two children and the site of social and business gatherings centered around the Gage Academy of Art that Pamela and Gary direct. Their 1936 bungalow sits in the back seat and a new three story, 1600 SF addition is in the driver’s seat. The lowest level is Gary’s studio, the middle level is the living/dining room and the top floor is a new master suite. The interface between the original structure and the addition is expressed in the glassy gasket between the two buildings. The original beveled siding slides from outside to inside marking the transition between old and new. The new portion is emphatically modern in its use of materials, structure and detail but the gable roof and areas of wood siding make it sympathetic to the character of the old house. The straightforward design direction was set by the need to economize and dictated the use of exposed truss-joist framing, simple forms, aluminum windows and sleek but modest finishes. Vivid paint colors and walls full of art enliven the rooms. This addition has allowed a busy family to work, entertain and live more efficiently and comfortably in a neighborhood they love. And the views aren’t bad either!”

belyea-faigin residence by johnston architects
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Minimalist Beach House Design at Cohasset Beach by Johnston Architects

minimalist beach house design at cohasset beach  by johnston architects

From the architects “Cohasset Beach is a 63 home coastal “village” in the City of Westport along the central Washington coast. Great attention was placed in designing 10 prototype homes with expansive windows to celebrate the coastal views and dramatic light. Great rooms, master suites and master baths open out to views of the ocean. A rich coastal palette of natural materials of light limestone and bamboo floors complement the sand and dune grass landscape to enhance the indoor/outdoor experience.”

minimalist beach house design at cohasset beach  by johnston architects
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Parliament Hill Residence House Design by Belsize Architects

From the architects “The brief was to form a modern and enjoyable single family home for our client by extending the ground floor and integrating the rear garden with the new interiors. The main architectural interventions to the exterior consisted of a new extension with a terrace above and redesign of the rear elevation to create large openings. Internally, the ground and first floor layouts were remodelled extensively. The ground floor was opened up and connected to the new extension. The rear garden was excavated so as to be at the same level as the ground floor. The kitchen to the front of the house was designed with sliding doors so that it could be separated from the living room when necessary. A large addition to the rear of the ground floor, tilted in plan from the lines of the main house in order to capitalise on the best outlook, was built to create the sitting area in the living room. Structurally the extension was challenging, since it had no column in the corner facing the garden. Two sliding doors meet at the corner with the ceiling above suspended in the air. A large opening, covered in structural glass, was formed over the extension, which lets diffused light into the depth of the living room. The first floor of the house is dedicated to master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe as well as a study. The large master bedroom has direct access to the rear large terrace over the new extension.”

Parlianment Hill Residence House
Living area-Parlianment Hill Residence House
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